Undersea Navigation, Positioning, Communication and Imaging Technologies for Naval Forces

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Undersea Navigation, Positioning, Communication and Imaging Technologies for Naval Forces
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Sonardyne is a leading global provider of undersea navigation, positioning, communication and imaging technologies that provide naval forces with enhanced situational awareness across the underwater domain.

Our marine acoustic, inertial, optical and sonar technologies equip surface and subsea unmanned and autonomous platforms (USVs, AUVs and ROVs) to offer a competitive advantage to navies and governments facing underwater adversaries.

Our network-enabled systems are scalable and designed to work alone or integrated with above-water systems to close gaps in surveillance capability. With over 40 years of subsea inertial navigation experience, the Sonardyne team will handle design, prototyping, manufacture, testing and training for unique naval projects.

Mine Counter Measures

Sonardyne offers autonomous and remote capabilities to support naval mine countermeasure concept of operations from search, classify and map through to neutralization.

Our off-board tools offer industry-leading area coverage rates in a Size, Weight and Power (SWAP)-opitmized package suitable for man-portable UUVs/AUVs.

Naval Ship Protection

Sonardyne offers rapidly deployable force-protection capabilities with high probability detection, solid tracking performance, very low false alarm rates and long-range performance – even in challenging environments like naval ports.

Sonardyne offers practical solutions that can reliably detect underwater intruders and AUVs in real-time at long range, allowing for ship security officers to react to a security breach.

Military Diving

Underwater technology for divers is the reason why Sonardyne was founded 50 years ago. Our acoustic equipment enables users to track and communicate with military divers.

We have developed tools to help share the situational awareness, gained from tracking divers with our ultra-short baseline systems, with the divers themselves. We do this by sending information in the same signals we use to track the divers and tell them where they are.

Extra-Large Uncrewed Underwater Vehicles (XLUUVs)

Our hybrid acoustic-inertial instruments for Extra-Large Uncrewed Underwater Vehicles (XLUUVs) aid surveillance, reconnaissance, and anti-submarine warfare operations in the underwater battlespace.

Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs)

Our subsea technologies are designed to be compatible with Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) of all sizes and capabilities; from micro to hybrid to resident.

Speak to one of our experts to help you choose the correct payload for your mission requirements.

Naval Ship Navigation

Our acoustic, gyro, inertial and Doppler technologies can help extend naval vessel capabilities, reducing risk and keeping missions on course.

We have developed solutions that combine acoustics and Inertial Navigation Systems (INS) to provide robust navigation references even in GPS denied environments.

Our instruments are available commercially-off-the-shelf and can be easily integrated with your ship's navigation system.

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