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AvTrak 6 Nano Tracking, communications and relocation transceiver
AvTrak 6 Nano

Tracking, communications and relocation transceiver

AvTrak 6 Nano from our Technology Partner Sonardyne provides inertial aiding, tracking, communication and mission planning in a small form factor designed for small AUVs. Visit Website Contact
AvTrak 6 Nano

Fitted to a small AUV, the AvTrak 6 Nano will enable simultaneous USBL tracking via a surface vessel and robust telemetry for AUV-to-vessel and AUV-to-AUV communications.

Built on the same 6G hardware and Wideband 2 digital signal architecture found in the larger AvTrak 6, it measures just 192 mm x 55 mm and has an operating range of 3,000 m, a depth rating of 500 m, and full SMS and Modem functionality.

Equipped with AvTrak 6 Nano, a UUV will receive unlimited data and share messages every navigation cycle when used with Sonardyne’s Ranger 2. By supporting the integration of a data payload inside every navigation signal, this allows more data to be transferred to and from UUVs with fewer transmissions which ultimately reduces power consumption and increases mission endurance.

A common configuration enables the USBL system to communicate with a swarm of UUVs equipped with AvTrak 6 Nanos, broadcasting to all the position of each member of the squad to aid the navigation solution and improve their situational awareness.

Key features:

  • Tracking, communications, and emergency relocation in one product
  • Use with Ranger 2 to track AUVs
  • Bi-directional acoustic modem with user selectable data rates; 200-9,000 bps
  • Wide voltage input range and multiple communication methods for robotics integration
  • Optimized for Ranger 2 Robotics pack for aiding navigation systems with remote position outputs
  • Housed variant or OEM for integration into vehicles