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IT 6 Acoustic initiation transponder for UXO / EOD mine neutralizers
IT 6

Acoustic initiation transponder for UXO / EOD mine neutralizers

The IT 6 from our Technology Partner Sonardyne enables mine neutralizers to be efficiently, securely and wirelessly activated from a safe distance. Visit Website Contact
IT 6

The small, lightweight IT 6 helps clearance divers and robotic platforms dispose of modern day and historical ordnance, quickly and effectively. It is designed to be connected directly to a remotely deployed, non-electric mine neutralization device to allow naval EOD teams to send a wireless, acoustic command from their vessel to initiate a shock tube.

IT 6 is based on Sonardyne’s field-proven Wideband 2 digital signal technology, which offers a reliable and long-range underwater wireless communications link.

With IT 6, personnel no longer need to hard wire mine neutralizers up to signal relay buoys on the surface and can set up an initiation operation in bad weather and outside of daylight hours.

Key features:

  • 357 mm tall by 55 mm in diameter; 0.10 kg weight in water; designed to be carried by clearance divers or small ROVs
  • Secure – over 250,000 unique identity codes available
  • Works with industry standard 3 mm diameter shock tube
  • Controlled using IP67-rated Deck Topside and cabled acoustic dunker
  • Safe – automatic time-outs, hydrostatic switch, independent circuits for acoustics and firing
  • Can be tracked with Sonardyne’s Ranger 2 family of USBL tracking systems