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Vigilant Forward Looking Sonar

Forward Looking Sonar

Vigilant from our Technology Partner Wavefront Systems is a compact navigation and obstacle avoidance sonar that creates a real-time 3D terrain map of the seabed and water column ahead out to 600 m and down to 100 m water depth. Visit Website Contact

Vigilant, developed by Wavefront Systems and manufactured and commercialized by Sonardyne, is a long-range, forward looking sonar that provides automated alarms of objects in the water column out to 1.5 km.

Vigilant allows naval forces to improve their underwater situational awareness and guide an uncrewed system or swimmer delivery vehicle with confidence. It can be integrated into autonomous platforms to provide essential information to autopilots and command and control systems to aid safe navigation and manoeuvres around hazardous obstacles.

The system consists of a sonar projector and receiver array mounted in the vessel’s bow (or optionally on a retractable deployment pole) and bridge software. At 31 cm-wide and weighing only 14 kg in air, the sonar is easy to handle and install on a wide range of naval, offshore support, or research vessels.

Vigilant has two principal operating modes, 3D mode and Sonar mode. 3D mode produces 3D bathymetry and colour coded depth imagery using our proprietary Altitude Confidence Filter (ACF), out to 600 m and down to 100 m. Sonar mode processes the intensity of the acoustic data to extract long-range positional data out to 1.5 km and over a 120 degree field of view. In this mode, the sonar returns are used to generate alerts to the operator (or a third-party system) to the presence of a navigationally relevant obstacle.

With its history mapping capability, a comprehensive picture of the underwater environment surrounding the vessel is built up, providing crews with greater situational awareness.

Key features:

  • Navigate with confidence; reduces the risk of underwater collisions and groundings
  • Long range hazard detection allows for time to change course
  • Compact design with mounting options to suit both new-build or retrofit
  • Compatible with your existing bridge systems
Feature Vigilant FLS
Range/Field of View 75 m, 150 m, 300 m, 600 m x 120o 2D/3D Depth Mode 75 m, 150 m, 300 m, 600 m, 900 m, 1500 m x 120o Sonar Mode
Operational Speed Up to 25 knots
Operating Frequency 70 kHz
Bottom Mapping Ratio Up to 20 x water depth
Maximum Depth Detection 100 m
Roll/Pitch Stabilization +/- 20°
Angular Accuracy ~0.3°
Operating Power <150 W
Operating Temperature -2 to 40°C
Storage Temperature Range -20 to 55°C
Receiver (Height x Width x Length) 110 x 310 x 400.5 mm
Receiver Weight in Air/Water 12.0/6.0 kg
Transmitter (Height x Width x Length) 577.5 x 118 x 124.5 mm
Transmitter Weight in Air/Water 11.5/6.0 kg