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Observer & Nova Pro Underwater Imaging System
Observer & Nova Pro

Underwater Imaging System

From our Technology Partner Voyis, the Observer & Nova Pro is their most sensitive digital stills camera and ultra-bright LED panels for crisp long range and high-speed imaging. Visit Website Contact
Observer & Nova Pro

Long-Range Imaging
Our actively cooled imaging sensor paired with up to 700,000-lumen lighting delivers images at over 10m altitude

Ultra High Dynamic Range
16-bit intensity and colour information enables lossless image correction of both over and under exposed regions

Real-Time Enhancement
Onboard image enhancement and colour-correction machine-learning enables crisp, true-colour images


  • Actively cooled sensors for images at up to 10m range
  • Monochrome and Colour options
  • 5.5MP resolution, 16-bit images for greater colour depth
  • 4000m or 6000m depth ratings
  • 700,000 lumens light output

Actively cooled sensors paired with high output LED panels enable blurless images at up to 6 knots.