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Equinox Remotely Operated Towed Vehicle for Mine Countermeasures

Remotely Operated Towed Vehicle for Mine Countermeasures

Equinox manufactured by our Technology Partner EIVA, is an integrated, towed multi-aperture sonar that delivers improved area coverage rates for mine countermeasures (MCM) and hydrographic operations. Visit Website Contact

Equinox offers unrivalled stability, position accuracy and results in real-time. At its core is Solstice, a multi-aperture sonar, delivering imagery of the highest quality possible from side-scan sonar enabling detection and classification of seafloor objects across the whole swath.

Equinox combines leading products from our Technology Partners EIVA, Sonardyne and Wavefront Systems: a SPRINT INS, Mini-Ranger 2 USBL and Solstice multi-aperture sonar (MAS) mounted on the ScanFish 3D, a steerable remotely operated towed vehicle (ROTV). The NaviSuite Kuda software user interface is used to plan, autopilot and display the data in real-time.

The ScanFish 3D is a trusted ROTV and thanks to its inherent stability, it is the ideal platform to operate Solstice from. At a total weight of 220 kg in air, Equinox can be easily mobilised.

Equinox is an affordable lower-logistics alternative capable of providing high area coverage rates. By combining leading navigation and positioning, imaging data is geo-referenced with an accuracy that’s unrivalled for MCM applications at this price.

Planning a mission is easy. Using the NaviSuite Kuda software, which offers a long list of features tailored to survey operations, you can define your sailing route and run-lines by simply selecting the area you would like to cover. During the mission, NaviSuite Kuda continuously updates the vessel and ScanFish 3D position in real-time.

Equinox provides comprehensive data displays and deliverables, such as real-time geo-rectified waterfalls, mosaics and DTM maps. It includes user interface tools that enable an operator to mark and process objects, including automatic target recognition using AI.

Key Features:

  • Mission ready; designed to support Search, Classify and Map (SCM) and Hydrographic operations
  • Survey more ground in a single pass; effective area coverage rate (ACR) of up to 1.6 km2/hr
  • Along track resolution of 0.15°; best in class delivering maximum detection rates
  • Co-located side-scan image and bathy improves your situational awareness
  • Real-time motion compensation and positioning accuracies better than 1 m DRMS
  • Automatically follows terrain and avoids obstacles