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Sentinel Intruder Detection Sonar (IDS)

Intruder Detection Sonar (IDS)

Sentinel IDS from our Technology Partner Wavefront Systems is a commercial-off-the-shelf underwater security technology that can help safeguard naval vessels and critical national infrastructure facilities. Visit Website Contact

Developed by Wavefront Systems and manufactured and commericalized by Sonardyne, the Sentinel IDS can detect, track and classify divers and UUVs approaching a protected asset from any direction and alert security personnel to the threat.

Sentinel has the ability to identify divers at ranges of up to 900 m and UUVs at 1,200 m. The small, lightweight system is quick to deploy from a boat, install in a port or fix along a coastline – providing an instant underwater security shield. Once set up, Sentinel can be left to run autonomously.

Sentinel can be used as a standalone security sensor or integrated with third party command and control (C2) security systems. Support for networked sonar is also offered, meaning that entire waterfront bases can be protected using a single operator station.

Scylla is an optional accessory for the Sentinel sonar head which adds an audible, non-lethal warning and deterrent capability. If a diver enters a restricted zone, Scylla broadcasts a pre-record audio message that can be heard by the diver at up to 600 metres away. The message can be used to instruct the diver to alter course or surface. The user also has the option of using Scylla to broadcast live messages if specific instructions need to be communicated to the diver.

Key features:

  • Detects, tracks and classifies divers and UUVs approaching protected high value assets
  • 900 diver and 1,200 m UUV detection range
  • Rapidly deployed for instant protection
  • Integrates with your existing C2 system
  • Low false alarm rate; no specialist sonar experience required