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Observer & Nova Micro Compact Underwater Imaging System
Observer & Nova Micro

Compact Underwater Imaging System

From our Technology Partner Voyis, the Observer & Nova Micro is a compact imaging system designed to collect crisp 4K images on small platforms. Visit Website Contact
Observer & Nova Micro

Low Power Draw
Long duration missions on small AUVs is made possible with compact optics and efficient short duration LED strobes

Customized Illumination
Nova LED panels are custom oriented to ensure even image illumination across the full field of view

Real-Time Correction
Onboard image light levelling and colour correction delivers true colour images for accurate understanding in real-time


  • Monochrome and Colour options
  • 5MP or 12MP resolution options
  • 1000m depth rating
  • Real-time image enhancement
  • 300,000 lumens light output

Wide-Area Perspective
Multiple images can be seamlessly stitched together after light levelling and undistortion for complete awareness of wide areas.