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Forcys: Enabling Future Amphibious Operations

Forcys discusses the challenges that come with amphibious warfare in the present day, outlining how its acoustic array technology could maintain situational awareness in future Feature Article by Forcys
Forcys: Enabling Future Amphibious Operations with Technology
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The idea of amphibious operations generally evolves in a straight line from planning to termination, with the landing force entering the area of operations only after rehearsal and re-embarkation have been designed to suit the mission requirements. Read more >>

Forcys believes that, in these situations, Planning, Embarkation, Rehearsal, Manoeuvre, Shaping, Action, Termination (or the acronym PERMSAT) will be compressed chronologically and geographically into three wider activities: persistent presence and posture; concentration of amphibious force; and action and termination.

Unfortunately, these activities are predicted to overlap and compete for resources. How can the Littoral Strike Group, for example, keep high situational awareness while needing to depart a littoral zone for reorganisation and rehearsal?

Forcys examines answers to this question and more in the full article, outlining:

  • Operational Choices
  • Technical Options
  • Proven Capabilities

The company concludes that early engagement is needed to aid in solving the problems that operating spaces of the future present for amphibious warfare, as well as providing viable countermeasures for relevant threats. Forcys also discusses proven technology to show how its innovative technology is able to help.

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