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Ranger 2 USBL Underwater tracking, DP reference and telemetry system
Ranger 2 USBL

Underwater tracking, DP reference and telemetry system

The Ranger 2 Ultra-Short Baseline (USBL) from our Technology Partner Sonardyne provides naval forces with the capability to track and communicate with all off-board assets, such as divers, towed platforms, unattended sensors, and UUVs. Visit Website Contact
Ranger 2 USBL

The system is made up of software, a vessel-mounted transceiver and in-water transponders. The transceiver is available in a range of different designs to suit operational needs; deep, shallow and long layback.

Ranger 2 comes with Sonardyne’s 6G (sixth generation) acoustic hardware platform and Sonardyne Wideband 2 digital signal architecture to provide stable and repeatable acoustic position referencing for a ship’s DP system.

It also supports robust two-way data telemetry allowing users to command a range of seafloor deployed long-endurance sensors and recover the logged data inside them.

Key features:

  • Tracks multiple targets to 11 km; ROVs, AUVs, deep towed bodies
  • Compatible with all makes of DP system – GE, Kongsberg, MT
  • System accuracy: when fully optimized it will deliver 0.04% of slant range
  • Works with a global inventory of pre-deployed Sonardyne 6G hardware
  • Configurations available for USV and temporary vessel installations
Feature Specification
Design The most powerful USBL system on the market
Incorporates 30 years of USBL innovation and know-how
Recommended for installation on large vessels and USVs
Shares common platform with other Sonardyne USBLs
Performance Up to 0.04% of slant range system accuracy
Up to 99 targets tracked, simultaneously
Up to 11,000 m tracking range (LMF)
1 Hz position update rate
Support all industry standard DP telegrams
Supports acoustically-aided INS
Acoustics MF frequency (19-34 kHz) or LMF (14-19.5 kHz)
Sonardyne Wideband 2 digital acoustics for reliable performance in both shallow and deep environments
Supports Sonardyne Messaging Service for data exchange up to 9,000 bps
Compatible with a wide range of 6G transponders