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Perception ROV Skid High-resolution 3D modelling and image mapping
Perception ROV Skid

High-resolution 3D modelling and image mapping

From our Technology Partner Voyis, the Perception ROV Skid can augment your small ROV with high-resolution 3D modelling and image mapping capabilities. Visit Website Contact
Perception ROV Skid

Perform high resolution, asset inspection on small ROVs for simplified deployment and reduced project costs

Simplified Integration
Pre-integrated with high accuracy navigational sensors and leading vehicle platforms to eliminate complex system validation

Real-Time Data Workflow
Onboard processing delivers instantaneous 3D data for live QC and complete visual awareness


  • Add-on real-time 3D modeling & imaging capability
  • Reduced integration risk with pre-calibrated positioning sensors
  • Neutrally buoyant to minimally impact vehicle dynamics
  • Designed for leading small ROV platforms

Efficient Data Workflow & Automation
Options for EIVA onboard data amalgamation, deep-learning, and eventing for a complete data processing solution.

Incredibly high resolution 3D data without the lengthy post-processing time