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Recon AUV Payload AUV Underwater Imaging Payload
Recon AUV Payload

AUV Underwater Imaging Payload

From our Technology Partner Voyis, the high-resolution Recon AUV Payload is a camera for wide-area optical mapping and target identification Visit Website Contact
Recon AUV Payload

Simplified Integration
Retrofit existing AUVs with OEM approved payloads, simplified with onboard data processing & storage

Even Illumination
Our Nova LED panel is a hydrodynamic lightbar that evenly projects light across the camera’s entire field of view for crisp stills images at high speeds.

Real-Time Enhancement
Onboard image light levelling and colour correction delivers true colour images for accurate understanding as soon as the vehicle is recovered


  • Crisp 12MP stills images at high speeds
  • Proven solution for standard AUVs
  • Wide field of view for maximum coverage
  • Faster results with real-time enhancement

Simplifying Integration
With modular payload designs proven on industry leading platforms, its simple to add high-resolution image mapping capability to your AUV.

Onboard image enhancement and undistortion enables rapid mosaicing and accurate photogrammetry.