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Nano USBL transponder (Second generation)

USBL transponder (Second generation)

Nano from our Technology Partner Sonardyne is designed to track where divers, man-portable AUVs, towed platforms, underwater drones and ROVs are throughout their mission. Visit Website Contact

Nano is Sonardyne’s smallest ever Ultra-Short Baseline (USBL) transponder designed to track divers, man-portable AUVs, towed platforms, underwater drones and ROVs throughout their mission.

Nano operates in the Medium Frequency (MF) band and is therefore compatible with Sonardyne’s family of Ranger 2 USBL topside systems; Micro, Mini and Standard.

Measuring around 160 mm in length, 55 mm in diameter and weighing under 200 grams in water – depending on the exact version you’re using – Nano can fit on the smallest of vehicles or can be carried by a diver.

Nano’s built using the same Wideband 2 signal technology platform you’ll find in our award-winning 6G product line to enable reliable acoustic communications in all operating environments, accurate position fixes and a continuous stream of location updates.

Nano features a 90-day quiescent battery ideal for long term deployments and recovering lost assets. When being actively tracked it gives more than 12 hours of battery life at a position update rate of once a second.

When purchasing Sonardyne’s Micro-Ranger 2 USBL system, two Nanos are included as standard. Users can choose between the NFC or connector version at no additional cost.

Key features:

  • 2nd generation design; extended battery life and 500 m depth rating
  • NFC, connector and OEM housing options
  • NFC version is just 160 mm long by 55 mm in diameter
  • Depth rated to 500 m
  • Easy to fit to divers, ROVs, equipment and AUVs
Feature Type 8262 Nano NFC Type 8262 Cabled Type 8262 Nano OEM
Operating Range 995 m 995 m 995 m
Depth Rating 500 m 500 m n/a
Transducer Depth Rating n/a n/a 500 m
Operating Frequency MF (19–34 kHz) MF (19–34 kHz) MF (19–34 kHz)
Transducer Beam Shape Omni-directional ±130º Omni-directional ±130º Omni-directional ±130º
Source Level (re 1 µPa @ 1 m) 184/175 dB 184/175 dB 184/175 dB
Range Precision Better than 15 mm Better than 15 mm Better than 15 mm
Communication Interface USB in dock RS232, 3V3 TTL RS232, 3V3 TTL
Depth Sensor 50 bar abs +/-0.7% FS 50 bar abs +/-0.7% FS 50 bar abs +/-0.7% FS
Power Supply USB dock 12–28 V dc 12–28 V dc
Power Consumption Wideband Listening (Battery) n/a 5 mW 5 mW
Wideband Listening (Ext. Power) n/a 20 mW (including trickle charge) 20 mW (including trickle charge)
Battery Charging n/a 60 mW to 2.5 W (depending on battery charge state) 60 mW to 2.5 W (depending on battery charge state)
Peak (During Transmission) n/a <30 W SMS, <20 W Modem <30 W SMS, <20 W Modem
Battery Life Quiescent Listening >90 days >90 days >90 days
1 Sec Ping Rate >12 hours >12 hours >12 hours
Battery Charge Time 12 Hours 12 Hours 12 Hours
External Connections n/a Subconn MCIL8M Molex Microfit
Mechanical Construction Polymer Polymer n/a
Transducer Wire Length n/a n/a 150 mm (6”)
Operating Temperature -10 to 45°C -10 to 45°C -10 to 45°C
Storage Temperature -20 to 55°C -20 to 55°C -20 to 55°C
Dimensions Length x Diameter 160 x 55 mm 192 x 55 mm n/a
Transducer (Length x Diameter) n/a n/a 72 x 49 mm
PCB Board Assembly (Length x Width x Height) n/a n/a 95 x 43 x 42.5 mm
Hole Centres (M2 clearance – Length x Width) n/a n/a 71.5 x 35 mm
Weight in Air/Water 486/149 g 584/162 g n/a
Weight (OEM) PCB in Air n/a n/a 138 g PCB + 12 g cable
Transducer in Air/Water (Estimated) n/a n/a 200/150 g