Undersea Sensing, Communications, Imaging, Control and Navigation Solutions for Naval Forces

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Undersea Sensing, Communications, Imaging, Control and Navigation Solutions for Naval Forces
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Backed by 50 years of expertise and an in-house developed technology portfolio, Forcys is a global maritime defence company that delivers customer-shaped solutions for navies and defence organisations.

Our business leverages industry-proven solutions from exclusive partners, each recognised for its genuine excellence and leadership. Forcys solutions enhance your lethality and make the underwater domain a safer place by putting technology, not people, in harm’s way.

Our integrated solutions provide your platforms and offboard assets enhanced sensing, communications, imaging, control and navigation. With everything under one roof, we will accelerate your operational capability in the underwater battlespace.


Asset Protection

Asset ProtectionWorking with Forcys you can count on over a decade of experience providing game-changing leading sonar capability for the protection of your valued ships, harbours and other critical infrastructure.

We provide active and passive sonar to deliver comprehensive situational awareness. Class leading range means that you have more time to react and interdict the threat.

More information: Asset Protection

Littoral Strike

Littoral StrikeForcys underwater technology offers your combat divers and autonomous vehicles improved navigation and situational awareness over extended ranges in challenging, GNSS denied environments.

Forcys solutions span GNSS denied navigation, environmental sensors, sonars, optical systems and secure underwater communications networks. You choose from a wide-range of technologies, we tailor a solution to your requirement.

Enhance your strike capabilities.

More information: Littoral Strike

Mine Warfare

Mine WarfareForcys offers you invaluable technical knowhow and working solutions to improve the lethality of your mine warfare mission through the adoption of increasingly remote and autonomous systems.

Our solutions address the whole kill chain including the search-classify-map and re-acquire-identify-neutralise phases. We deliver higher area coverage rates and percentage clearances.

More information: Mine Warfare


RangesForcys offers innovative solutions to support both your existing ranges and your future concepts to the test and evaluation of traditional platforms and a new generation of autonomous systems.

We provide battery operated, acoustically networked, seafloor sensors and buoys as well as low cost, compact and flexible sonar systems used to train your operators and calibrate your tools.

More information: Ranges

Submarine & Anti-Submarine Warfare

Submarine & Anti-Submarine WarfareForcys provides your team with scalable, secure underwater networks as well as the instruments required to sense, navigate and communicate.

Our instruments will enable you to fuse data from a distributed sensor network operating across conventional platforms, remotely deployed, self-powered autonomous vehicles, buoys and seafloor monuments.

More information: Submarine and Anti-submarine Warfare

Submarine Rescue

Submarine RescueForcys solutions deliver quicker deployments, improved surveys and communications for successful submarine rescues requiring high resolution, large area surveys carried out at pace.

We offer acoustic pinger positioning and tracking, sonars, optical imaging and leading post-processing software. In addition, our optical modems help you establish real-time two-way wireless video conference communications with a sunken submarine.

More information: Submarine Rescue


Integrated Solutions

Integrated SolutionsAt Forcys we are able to select best of breed COTS from our technology partners to deliver a step up in capability.

A great example is Equinox. It brings together a state-of-the-art fly-by-wire ROTV, multi-aperture sonar and inertial navigation to improve the performance of your mine countermeasures surveys.

Deploy it and operate it from your uncrewed surface vessel. Find contacts in real-time. When it comes to developing new capability you can count us.

Key benefits of working with Forcys:

  • All your navigation and situational awareness payloads and software under one roof
  • Improved size, weight and power specifications
  • Simpler interfaces for ease of installation
  • Tailored to your specific requirements
  • Global footprint helping you access world expert advice and support

More information: Integrated Solutions

Command & Control

Command & ControlOur technology partner EIVA provides flexible software architectures that simplify the process of deploying your assets.

Forcys helps identify the right software solution to meet your challenge. Command and control your autonomous assets and monitor their mission in real-time.

Our solutions can be integrated into off-board assets helping to distribute the situational awareness picture across your assets.

Key benefits from EIVA solutions:

  • Already compatible with a large range of undersea situational awareness and navigation sensors
  • Used to plan, monitor and control AUV, USV and ROV missions
  • Simple and intuitive user interfaces
  • Real-time data products
  • Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence data analytics

More information: Command & Control

Environmental Sensors

Environmental SensorsOur technology partner Chelsea Technologies delivers improved accuracy and resolution where it is most needed.

Environmental sensors are a vital payload helping to improve a wide range of undersea domain missions ranging from anti-submarine warfare to littoral strike.

Compact and power efficient these sensors are ready to add value to your operations.

Key benefits from Chelsea Technologies solutions:

  • Improve acoustic sensor performance by mapping ocean fronts
  • Measure bioluminescence to support covert mission
  • Measure the water quality before diving
  • Measure the level of fuel in the water
  • Improve your lethality by generating a more wholistic view of the environment

More information: Environmental Sensors

Navigation & Communication

Navigation & CommunicationOur technology partner Sonardyne has acoustic solutions that enable both positioning and communications. Forcys customers can deploy this solutions to network their underwater assets wirelessly.

In addition by combining acoustic and inertial sensors in a hybrid navigation system, our pre-calibrated navigation sensors deliver improved performance in GNSS denied environments.

Over short tactical ranges our optical communications systems enable wireless data transfers of video and command data.

Key benefits from Sonardyne solutions:

  • Single provider of navigation and communication payloads under one roof
  • Improved size, weight and power specifications
  • Simpler interfaces for ease of installation
  • Tailored to your specific requirements
  • Global footprint helping you access world expert advice and support

More information: Navigation & Communication

Optical Systems

Optical SystemsOur technology partner Voyis has developed a range of products that are ideally suited for underwater operations. Carefully calibrated and constructed the lighting and cameras are places in the ideal location to generate optimal pictures.

Combining laser scanning delivers centimetric dynamic mapping of the environment which improves your understanding of the environment.

State-of-the-art algorithms generate true-colour pictures that look and feel like pictures taken in air.

Key benefits from Voyis solutions:

  • Reduce uncertainty thanks to optical identification
  • Simple to integrate on remotely operated or autonomous platforms
  • Enable automation and automatic target recognition
  • Increase your operational tempo by making better informed decisions
  • Proven for salvage and mine warfare

More information: Optical Systems


SonarsWhen it comes to protecting your assets from combat divers or underwater drones look no further than Sentinel from our technology partner Wavefront Systems. The first and most successful portable intruder detection sonar.

In a similar vein for mine-counter measures from autonomous underwater vehicles, Solstice offers the best area coverage rate for any side-scan.

When it comes to sonars, Wavefront Systems produce tailored solutions that set themselves apart.

Key benefits from Wavefront Systems solutions:

  • Cover larger areas using optimally designed sonars
  • Simple to deploy anywhere and on any platform
  • Automatic target recognition and alarms
  • Tailored for the undersea domain warfighter
  • Proven for intruder detection and mine warfare

More information: Sonars

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