Mission Critical Communication Systems & Tactical Networking for Defense & Military Applications

Mission Critical Communication Systems & Tactical Networking for Defense & Military Applications
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ONUR is a specialist developer of mission critical communication systems and tactical networking solutions for military and law enforcement applications.

With over 40 years of experience and a strong background in research and development, we have provided air-to-ground, ground-to-ground, ship-to-ship and ship-to shore voice communication and recording systems to a variety of defense customers around the world, including NATO members.

Our products are designed with a software-centric approach, allowing upgrades and custom capabilities to be easily applied as required, and ensuring that your systems are future-proofed and equipped to deal with the ever-changing battlefield.

Military Voice Communications & Recording

We provide flexible and scalable voice communications solutions to suit operational requirements at any level. Both legacy devices and modern IP-based communications can be seamlessly integrated into one cohesive system, and controlled locally or remotely via intuitive and user-friendly interfaces.

Our mission critical comms systems also include fully redundant integrated voice and data recording capabilities, designed to EUROCAE ED 137 B/C interoperability standards.

navy communication system

ONUR’s voice communications solutions are ideal for supporting a wide range of tactical and defense communication applications, including air and naval vessel traffic management, UAS ground stations, command and control centers, disaster management and emergency communications, and simulation and training systems.

Military Communication Systems

Military Air Traffic Control

Our voice communications systems and telephony and RoIP (radio over IP) gateways support operational air traffic control and management services, providing robust performance in line with FAA and ICAO standards.

We can provide ATC/ATM solutions for fixed sites as well as temporary and emergency applications, allowing rapid establishment of aerial operations anywhere under all weather conditions, day or night.

Tactical Networking Solutions

ONUR delivers complete solutions for secure networked voice, data and video exchange at strategic, operational and tactical levels. Our rugged networking hardware integrates manned and unmanned aircraft, naval vessels, land vehicles and fixed sites into a single managed system.

Legacy HF, VHF and UHF radio systems can be integrated into IP-based networking, and protected with military-grade encryption. Fully redundant network architecture, dynamic bandwidth allocation, and mobile mesh and ad-hoc networking support even the most complex of C4I applications.

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