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Integrated Radio MIMO Systems, RF Power Amplifiers for C-UAS, Electronic Warfare & ISR Data Links

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Triad RF Systems
Integrated Radio MIMO Systems, RF Power Amplifiers for C-UAS, Electronic Warfare & ISR Data Links
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Global manufacturer of integrated radio systems, Triad RF Systems designs and delivers highly reliable and rugged RF and microwave amplifiers and subsystems for aerospace and defense.

Deployed all over the world Triad RF products are utilized on battlefields, on land and in the air, as well as to naval platforms and in space. Triad RF specialize SWaP optimized power amplifiers, bi-directional amplifiers, assemblies and custom multi-functional amplifier systems designed to increase data rates and extend range well beyond standard radio capabilities.

Triad RF products are tested to the most demanding requirements of MIL-STD-810.
Triad RF Systems is an AS9100 Certified company.

Counter UAS for Military & Defense

Denying and controlling the wide range of RF spectrums tactical and weaponized UAS (unmanned aircraft systems) operate in, requires increasingly complex SDR (Software Defined Radios) and advanced RF amplification.

Triad RF can design custom RF products to meet specific C-UAS systems for both fixed and mobile environments and can accommodate nearly any system-level environmental or electromagnetic compliance requirement. Customized for maximum efficiency, Triad RF ultra-broadband, compact GaN RF amplifiers, BDAs, and multi-function RF modules support highly modulated waveforms such as OFDM.

The majority of products are designed and screened to several MIL-STD-810G environmental conditions and MIL-STD-461 EMI / EMC requirements.

More information: Triad RF C-UAS products

Electronic Warfare

Triad’s expertize in RF / Microwave power amplifier and T/R module design supports many leading SIGINT, ELINT, Electronic Attack, and Jamming programs.Triad TTRM1019 20-1000 MHz 20 W Bi-Directional Amplifier

Our COTS power amplifiers designed for EW (electronic warfare) feature multi-octave broadband operation, high efficiency, flat power and gain characteristics in SWaP optimized small form factors.

Available as standard or uniquely customized, RF amplifiers and radio systems come with onboard monitoring and control circuitry to further reduce system weight and size.

More information: Triad RF Electronic Warfare products

Tactical ISR Data Links for Military Applications

Triad RF works with leading UAS companies to integrate, test, and troubleshoot ISR data links with the help of our range-extending BDAs and multi-function RF systems.

As experts on all aspects of the ISR Data Link system, Triad RF can quickly identify common problems and improve integration methods across all subjects, including RF, Power Supply, and Electromagnetic Interference

Triad RF can create ISR links on any platform, operating anywhere from UHF to Ku band at distances exceeding 200km. We utilize our THPR-series custom crafted radio systems, with a field-proven line of antennas.

Multi Function Modules

Triad RF can significantly reduce the size and power draw state-of-the art radio systems for defense and aerospace, by combining disparate, discrete RF modules into a single Integrated Multi-Function Amplifier Assembly (IMA).

The IMA approach significantly reduces interconnect losses and matching issues between active and passive components. Compared with traditional integration of connectorized components, our IMAs always yield a more efficient, robust, and compact end product with the ability to monitor all of its subcomponents.

Our designs cover operating frequencies up to 40 GHz and power levels in the hundreds of watts.

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