Global Provider of Certifiable Situational Awareness & BVLOS Solutions

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Global Provider of Certifiable Situational Awareness & BVLOS Solutions
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Sagetech is a leading developer of mission-critical and certifiable situational awareness solutions for military and government UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles).

Based on cutting-edge avionics technology, our proven solutions have been installed on a wide variety of small to medium unmanned aircraft, and have undertaken millions of flight hours on a range of demanding missions.

We have worked with all branches of the US military as well as over 40 allied nations and NATO members, and continue to collaborate with our extensive network of OEM customers, technology partners, and resellers to deliver state-of-the-art technology to UAV programs with the utmost in safety.

UAV Transponders


The world’s first DOD AIMS-certified Mode 5 IFF transponderNew Upgrade Announced for Sagetech Mode 5 MX12B IFF Transponder

Our MX12B is the only micro Mode 5 IFF (Identification Friend or Foe) transponder that achieves full compliance with the United States Department of Defense’s AIMS 17-1000 Mk XII specification. Easily integrated into Group 2 – 5 UAS and compatible with all major autopilots, it is significantly smaller and lighter than traditional military Mode 5 IFF transponders, making it the ideal choice for SWaP-limited platforms.

Featuring antenna diversity, a pressure altitude encoder, and integrated ADS-B In/Out all in a miniature self-contained package, the MX12B provides cutting-edge drone IFF capabilities at a fifth of the cost of competing solutions.

Learn more: MX12B – Mode 5 IFF transponder


AIMS-certified Mode 3/A/C drone transponder for military ISR

XPC Mode C Transponder DOD AIMS CERTIFIED by SagetechThe Sagetech XPC is an ultra-reliable Mode 3/A/C transponder that is standard issue on many Group 2 and Group 3 UAV programs. Certified to DoD AIMS Mark XA for guaranteed NATO interoperability, it has been battle-proven in combat ISR missions under the most demanding of conditions.

Weighing just 100g, the XPC features an extremely low SWaP footprint and can be easily integrated into a range of platforms, providing plug-and-play compatibility with most drone autopilots. it also includes an integrated altitude encoder measuring up to 85k feet.

Learn more: XPC – AIMS-certified Mode C drone transponder

Detect-and-Avoid & BVLOS Solutions

We provide advanced detect-and-avoid (DAA) systems that are designed to provide foolproof collision avoidance for both manned and unmanned aircraft. The low-SWaP onboard ACAS (Airborne Collision Avoidance System) computers are ideal for military UAVs as well as for equipping government drone programs with BVLOS (beyond visual line of sight) capabilities.

Detect-and-Avoid Solutions

Our DAA computers are available in a number of variants to suit a range of MTOW and altitude requirements.

Xu sXu Xr
Platforms Fixed-wing Small UAS Rotary-wing & Unmanned Helicopters
MTOW >55lbs <55lbs >55lbs
Altitude >400 ft AGL <400 ft AGL >400 ft AGL

Integration, Testing & Training Services

We offer a wide range of services that help OEM, government and military partners around the world to successfully develop new UAV platforms and seamlessly integrate them into the national airspace. Our expert team can provide advice and guidance no matter what stage of the process your project has reached.

Services include:

  • BVLOS Operational Readiness – Avionics vetting, technology stack consultation, and waiver acquisition
  • Custom Product Training – includes aircraft integration, ground control station (GCS) setup, and troubleshooting
  • Integration & Flight Testing – includes requirements gathering, test planning, sensor and autopilot integration, and testing for our DAA prototypes and transponders
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