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GNSS & Navigation Testing Simulators - Antenna & Interference Simulation
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CAST Navigation is a leading developer of simulation solutions for advanced tactical navigation applications. Our powerful GNSS and inertial simulation and testing tools are designed to provide consistent and repeatable results, eliminating the uncertainties introduced by field and live-sky testing.

Our GNSS simulators are used to support military forces and government agencies around the world. With a specialized team of experienced industry experts, we can create custom simulation and navigation testing platforms that precisely fit your budgetary, testing and system integration requirements.

INS & IMU Simulation & Modeling

Inertial Navigation Testing & Simulation Systems

IMU SimulatorOur inertial navigation system (INS) simulators provide realistic high-fidelity inertial data that supports the integration and testing of complex state-of-the-art GNSS-aided INS. Simulation can be tailored towards a wide range of military vehicle types, including aircraft, UAVs, ground vehicles, surface and subsurface marine platforms, and space-based orbital vehicles.

The versatile systems include an intuitive graphical interface, and allow IMU sensor block output performance characteristics and drift rates to be customized for particular navigation unit or performance modeling parameters.

A wide variety of options can be configured to suit specific application requirements, including jamming, interference, terrain obscuration, and additional inertial or RF outputs.

IMU Simulation & Navigation Testing

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Phased-Array (CRPA) Antenna Simulation & Testing

Wavefront simulation for CRPA testing

antenna simulation - CRPA TestingOur CRPA (controlled reception pattern antenna) simulators are ideal for CRPA testing and integration of military phased-array antenna systems, providing precise, coherent, and repeatable GNSS RF signal wavefronts. A complete set of signals is generated for each antenna element, with GNSS and interference waveforms generated separately and spatially offset to reflect real-life phase differences in signal reception.

The simulators are fully customizable and can be tailored to both static and dynamic applications as well as a wide range of military vehicle types. They can be configured to deliver a full constellation of GNSS satellites, with up to 16 satellites in view per constellation signal type and composite signal RF output element.

wavefront simulation and antenna testing

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GNSS Simulation & Testing

Multi-constellation GNSS RF signal simulator

GNSS Simulation & TestingCAST Navigation’s GNSS simulation systems provide consistent and repeatable signals, with the ability to simultaneously provide up to four different constellations on each antenna element, and are ideal for testing military navigation and positioning devices.

Trajectories can be defined by user-defined profiles with a wide variety of options for vehicle types and constellation parameters, or generated from previously-recorded external data. A wide variety of other parameters can also be tailored to suit your specific simulation requirements, including multipath, atmospheric delays, spoofing, interference, antenna gain patterns, and more.

GNSS Simulator

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Navigation Jamming & Interference Simulation & Modeling

Jammer and wave interference simulation systems

Jamming & Interference SimulationCAST Navigation’s jamming and interference simulation systems support the testing, verification, and integration of both single-element Fixed Reception Pattern Antenna (FRPA) systems as well as multiple-element CRPA-based anti-jamming systems. Based on proprietary FPGA technology, the systems emulate interference conditions and threats that can occur in both urban and hostile environments.

Users can define multiple interference parameters, including output signal waveform types, output power level, jammer signal source location, speed, heading and motion. Up to 8 separate antenna output elements can be individually programmed, generating interference signals from different locations and with different power levels.

wave interference simulation

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