Military Intercoms & Intercom Systems

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Overview Military Intercoms & Intercom Systems
By Technology Editor Last updated: March 22nd, 2022

Rugged Intercom Systems

As with all military hardware, intercom systems must:

  • Be rugged enough to withstand vibrations and shocks 
  • Work in harsh environments where sand, dust or moisture are present
  • Be lightweight 
  • Be dependable in air, ground and underwater applications

Belt-worn & Headset Intercoms

Military headsets feature radios which meet either high- or low-impedance requirements which can be switched between the two via a switch on the dome. There are also models that reduce or block out noise interference.

Belt-worn adapters offer an interface between headsets and radios. They feature a belt clip, a Push-to-Talk (PTT) switch and a robust radio frequency interference (RFI)-shielded cord with a plug to enable connection to the radio.

Portable Communication Systems 

Portable communication systems designed to be used by light armoured vehicle crews also feature lightweight, under-helmet earpieces with magnetic mountings and quick-release disconnects to allow the system to be moved quickly from vehicle to vehicle if necessary.

Vehicle Intercom Systems 

Military vehicle intercom systems are specifically designed to allow communication in noisy environments. They can be connected to mobile radios which allows all crew members to listen and transmit.

Marine Intercom Systems

Marine intercom systems are rugged, watertight, and can be used with noise-reducing headsets to still enable clear communication in noisy environments. In-line cables can be used to allow multiple crew members to use the system simultaneously.