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Phased-Array (CRPA) Antenna Simulation & Testing Wavefront simulation for CRPA antenna systems testing
Phased-Array (CRPA) Antenna Simulation & Testing

Wavefront simulation for CRPA antenna systems testing

Provides a precise, coherent, and repeatable RF “wavefront” that is a perfect solution for testing phased array (CRPA) types of antenna systems Visit Website Contact
Phased-Array (CRPA) Antenna Simulation & Testing

CAST Navigation CRPA (controlled reception pattern antenna) simulators provide coherent, and repeatable GNSS RF signal wavefronts for phased-array antenna systems used for tactical positioning and navigation. A complete set of signals is generated for each antenna element, with GNSS and interference waveforms generated separately and spatially offset to reflect real-life phase differences in signal reception.

The versatile simulators are fully customizable and can simulate both static and dynamic motion profiles, tailored to a wide range of airborne, orbital, ground-based or marine platforms. They can be configured to deliver a full constellation of GNSS satellites, with up to 16 satellites in view per constellation signal type and composite signal RF output element.

A range of other parameters can also be controlled, including location, jamming and spoofing, atmospheric delays, RF output power levels, multipath, and more.

Output Signal Types GPS: L1, L2, L2C, L5, C/A-Code, P-Code, Y-Code, SAASM, M-Code AES, M-Code MNSA,
BeiDou: BDS-B1L, BDS-B1C,
Signal Output Levels (Nominal) GPS: -160 dBW
Beidou: -163 dBW
SBAS: -160 dBW
Signal Accuracy Pseudorange: 1 mm
Pseudorange Rate: 1 mm/s
Delta Pseudorange: 1 mm
Interchannel Bias: < 1 mm
Uncontrolled Bias: < 1 mm
Bias Repeatability (initial): < 1 mm
Bias Stability (operational): < 1 mm
Signal Level Control Range: ± 30 dB
Resolution: 0.1 dB
Signal Quality Spurious: < -45 dBc
Harmonics: < -50 dBc
Reference Oscillator: 10MHz OCXO
Frequency Stability: 3×10-9per day