Military Radios

Military Radios Overview

Military units can communicate directly using a range of secure defense channels such as:

  • voice
  • data
  • satellite link
  • landline

Tactical communications

Tactical communications between command headquarters, units, vehicles and soldiers can be undertaken using a broad range of radio frequencies and technologies including; secure wireless datalinks, broadband microwave radios, multiband software defined radios (SDR), intercom and radio nodes, as well as very high frequency (VHF) radios and ultra high frequency (UHF) radios.

Terrestrial trunked communications systems are used for uninterrupted digital communication, protected from manipulation and interference. These utilize digital control channels to automatically designate frequency channels. Internet Protocol technology is also used to provide high capacity, secure, tactical communications.

Satellite communications

High-bandwidth data can be relayed to military units via satellite communications and tactical satellite ground terminals using a transportable SATCOM system. SATCOM systems can be vehicle mounted or available in portable cases which can be set up by two operators in as little as 30 minutes.

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