International Armoured Vehicles Conference 2022

January 24-27, 2022
United Kingdom
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Key Details Dates: January 24-27, 2022 Venue: Twickenham Stadium, London, United Kingdom
About International Armoured Vehicles Conference 2022

IAVs is the largest dedicated conference of its type, it annually brings together 650+ defence and industry leaders, with a military cohort comprising force and operational commanders, acquisition officials, requirement-setters, capability development experts and S&T architects.

Annually attracting an international attendance of more than 40 nations; the 2022 conference represents a valuable opportunity to meet again in-person to renew professional acquaintances and build new relationships.

This is not only an important forum for staying ahead of the curve of advances in technologies and concepts but, through virtue of bringing together a valuable mix of people, the forum helps cataylse developments and discuss new military methods as we debate the role of Armour in Multi-Domain Warfare, and by extension, the way we will fight tomorrow.

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