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Find developers of command and control software for defense applications including military C2 software for enhanced situational awareness
Overview Command and Control Software
By Mike Ball Last updated: February 27th, 2023

Command and control (C2) systems enable military commanders and personnel with sufficient authority to make decisions and utilize information, assets and resources at their disposal in order to successfully carry out missions and achieve objectives.

Software systems play a large part in effective C2, allowing users to create, disseminate and make use of information in a wide range of scenarios including defense, homeland security and peacekeeping.

Military C2 Software

C2 software is essential for enhancing situational awareness and creating a common operational picture for all personnel concerned. It may be specific to particular domains such as ground, air or naval forces, or provide a wider multi-domain scope, and may provide interoperability between different allied forces.

Intelligence & Information

Command and control software may handle a wide range of sources of data and intelligence. These can include feeds from radar systems, cameras on board manned aircraft, UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), ground vehicles, and vessels, as well as satellite imagery. Intelligence may also be gained from sources such as electronic warfare and SIGINT (signals intelligence), as well as cyber warfare.

Connectivity & Dissemination

C2 software can provide a variety of methods for disseminating information. It may utilize a mapping platform with a GIS engine to display real-time battlefield information. Connectivity may be established with military communications networks such as combat radios, and information may be fed to forces in the field, including vehicles and dismounted soldier systems.

Additional Terms

A number of additional terms are relevant to C2 and C2 software, encompassing related capabilities or emphasizing certain sub-concepts. These include but are not limited to:

C2I – command, control and intelligence
C2ISTAR – command, control, intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition, and reconnaissance
C3 – command, control and communication
C4 – command, control, communication and computers
C5I – command, control, communications, computers, cyber (or collaboration) and intelligence

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