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Manufacturers and suppliers of mil-spec rugged computers, military embedded computers, portable and rack-mount computers for military vehicles, equipment and operations
Overview Military Rugged Computers
By Dr Thomas Withington Last updated: January 27th, 2024

Tough Computing Hardware

Militaries require a range of tough hardware designed and constructed to meet the demands of field operations. These include ruggedized, lightweight laptops and tablets that comply with military standards and are protected against the ingress of dust, dirt, sand, and liquid.

Housed within fully sealed aluminium chassis, keyboard and thumbstick, both the laptops and tablets are built to comply with all military specifications for environmental and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). They also feature fully customisable connector panels on the rear that can be configured on a project-by-project basis and are designed to accept connection to any interface.

Other ruggedised hardware products include processors and rackmount PCs that can be mounted on a standard 19″ server rack in naval vessels, aircraft, or passenger vehicles. Similar to the laptops and tablets, these also have customisable rear connector panels as well as a host of expansion options including slots for extra PCIe cards, PCI Cards, PCI-104 cards or Mini PCIe cards.

Other peripheral equipment includes:

  • Soft and hard carry cases
  • Rugged military specification (MIL-SPEC) cables which can be fitted with specialised military connectors and are EMC and environmental compliant
  • Weatherproof mice feature a sealed industrial silicone skin over a robust polycarbonate frame
  • Resilient power supplies feature either MIL-SPEC or standard connectors and also comply to military and ingress protection specifications
  • Ruggedised battery chargers have the ability to charge the hot-swappable batteries for laptops and tablets
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