Amphibious Military Vehicles

Find Amphibious Vehicle manufacturers for military and defense, including tracked assault amphibian vehicles
Overview Amphibious Military Vehicles
By Technology Editor Last updated: March 22nd, 2022

Amphibious Military Vehicles

An amphibious vehicle can travel just as easily on land as it can through water. Military amphibious vehicle types range from light, wheeled command and reconnaissance vehicles to heavy tanks.

Amphibious tracked vehicles

Most armored vehicles with tracks rather than wheels, that are predominantly designed to be driven on land, also have amphibious capability. This is tactically beneficial as it reduces reliance on structures like bridges.

Amphibious vehicle technology includes:

  • Waterproof screens used to enable military vehicles to ford deeper waterways, can provide a ‘wading’ capability to certain vehicles.
  • Telescopic snorkels can be deployed to allow certain vehicles to ford water that is deeper than the vehicle itself.
  • Air-cushioned landing craft (hovercraft) can be used in some roles, replacing heavier wheeled and tracked vehicles, especially as a landing craft.

Assault Amphibian Vehicles are engineered to operate in and out of water, in harsh environments, delivering troops, equipment and other vehicles, from ship to shore.

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