Overview Military CUAS Technologies
By Dr Thomas Withington Last updated: March 19th, 2024

C-UAS Technology for Defense

EchoGuard Counter-UAS Radar by Echodyne

EchoGuard Counter-UAS Radar by Echodyne

Counter UAS / CUAS / Counter drone equipment covers a broad spectrum of C-UAS technology used in the detection, tracking and removal of hostile unmanned aerial systems.

UAS Detection and Tracking. A variety of counter drone equipment solutions exist for drone detection, including scanning for radio frequencies unique to UAVs, acoustic sensors, anti-drone radar (ESA, Staring and micro-Doppler), and EO/IR sensors which scan for visual and heat signatures. Integrated Counter-UAS systems often amalgamate these technologies alongside machine learning and AI programs to create intelligent, accurate drone detection and tracking solutions.

Capture and Neutralizing. Once detected UAV threats can be physically eliminated using CUAS gun, laser or missile targeting systems. In situations where debris from these methods can be hazardous or where intelligence can be gathered via safe capture of the drone, jammers, spoofing equipment and kinetic solutions such as nets can be deployed.

Anti-Drone Technology Applications

Military counter-drone equipment can be static, aerial, vehicle mounted or handheld. A combination of these can be effectively used in the protection of:

  • Airports
  • Prisons
  • Critical infrastructure facilities
  • Stadiums & large public spaces
  • Military installations
  • Battlefields
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