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NDAA-Compliant Software-Defined Ecosystem For Next-Generation Robotics & Autonomous Vehicle Platforms

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Auterion Government Solutions
NDAA-Compliant Software-Defined Ecosystem For Next-Generation Robotics & Autonomous Vehicle Platforms
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Auterion Government Solutions is the developer of a software-defined ecosystem that powers next-generation robotics and autonomous vehicle platforms. Our NDAA-compliant and hardware-agnostic products are based on open standards and are designed to provide the industry with unparalleled levels of flexibility, interoperability and ease of use.

Our solutions are trusted by the U.S. Department of Defense and allied nations to equip warfighters and government agencies with a diverse robotics ecosystem and advanced autonomy capabilities that can handle any challenge and defeat ever-evolving threats.


Vendor-independent operating system for robotic vehicle fleets

AuterionOS is a complete onboard software platform designed to power interconnected robotic systems in the air, at sea and on land. The vendor-independent operating system provides a standardized interface across vehicles, payloads and datalinks from different manufacturers, and includes PX4-based flight control as well as a range of APIs and SDKs for advanced functionality such as AI, machine learning and computer vision.

Robotics software for Multi domain operations

AuterionOS provides a revolutionary way for robotics and autonomous systems to collaborate and undertake complex and demanding missions, reducing training time and facilitating effective multi-domain operations and teaming. Users can deploy third-party apps or develop their own to integrate mission-specific autonomous behaviors such as GPS-denied navigation and object detection.

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Skynode GX

Mission computer & flight control hardware for drones and robotics

Skynode GXdrone flight controller and mission computer is an all-in-one integrated flight controller and mission computer that enables the Auterion ecosystem to be deployed on a wide variety of drones and robotic vehicles, turning them into versatile interconnected autonomous systems. The NDAA-compliant solution features a low SWaP (size, weight and power) footprint and can be integrated into aerial vehicles, ground robotics and unmanned vessels.

Skynode GX allows users to easily integrate a range of third-party equipment and payloads, including cameras, sensors, and tactical radios. Thanks to the Auterion SDK and APIs, custom applications can be run onboard to facilitate mission-specific functionality such as AI and computer vision. Skynode GX also features optional Remote ID capabilities for full compliance with final FAA rulings.

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Auterion Mission Control

Robotics control software for mission planning and execution

Auterion Mission Control is a ground control software solution that allows operators to control and plan missions for Auterion-powered vehicles on land, at sea and in the air. Providing consistent workflows and standardized payload control, the software ensures streamlined operations, lower cognitive load, and reduced training burden.

Robotics control software

The intuitive mission control software provides a range of powerful features including autonomous path planning and prediction, live video streaming, and handoff between ground control stations. Auterion Mission Control also features full TAK integration for superior situational and tactical awareness, allowing users to share information between TAK and AMC including markers, Sensor Point of Interest, and Position Location Information.

AI Node for Skynode GX

AI companion computer for edge processing

AI module for edge processingAI Node equips drones and robotic vehicles with supercomputer-powered onboard artificial intelligence capabilities. Based around the NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX, the compact and lightweight system delivers up to 21 TOPS of accelerated computing performance, making it ideal for edge data processing from multiple high-resolution sensors.

The versatile system features extended memory, a wide input voltage range and a variety of I/O interfaces, allowing rapid development and prototyping with plug-and-play integration support for a wide variety of payloads and sensors.

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Rugged NDAA-compliant handheld GCS for UAVs & UGVs

handheld GCS for UAVs & UGVs

Skynav is a rugged government-ready GCS (ground control station) that allows operators to use a single controller for any Group 1 or Group 2 UAVs as well as UGVs running AuterionOS or communicating over MAVLink.

The lightweight unit is IP65-rated and is designed to reduce operator fatigue and cognitive overload. It provides a range of advanced features including autonomous flight planning, live video streaming, and data collection management. Skynav supports three different radio transceivers (Microhard, Silvus, and Persistent Systems) and can also be equipped with optional LTE connectivity.

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