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Tactical UAS for Military ISR & Cargo Delivery - Indoor sUAS, Rugged Controllers & Redundant Data Links

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Performance Drone Works (PDW)
Tactical UAS for Military ISR & Cargo Delivery - Indoor sUAS, Rugged Controllers & Redundant Data Links
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Performance Drone Works (PDW) is a leading developer of high-performance tactical UAS (unmanned aerial systems) for mission-critical military, defense and law enforcement applications.

Designed to support and protect warfighters and first responders, our autonomous drone platforms allow dangerous and demanding tasks to be carried out safely and efficiently under even the most challenging of conditions.

C100 – Military Cargo Drone

Long-endurance, heavy-lift military recon drone

C100 Military Cargo Drone

The C100 is a heavy-lift quadcopter platform designed for a wide range of tactical applications. The aircraft holds the world record for the longest-endurance battery-powered sUAS, and can fly for over 80 minutes with its standard Trillium military-grade EO/IR payload. The compact man-packable drone folds into a small rucksack and can be deployed and airborne in under 2 minutes.

ISR Military Drone

The versatile system carries up to 30 lbs and can be equipped with a variety of payloads for missions including persistent ISR (intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance), cargo delivery and tactical strike.

The aircraft also features an independent fixed flight camera for first-person view, enhancing operator navigation.

The C100 is built around a modular open architecture, allowing new hardware and powertrain modifications to be seamlessly integrated. The system incorporates DIU Blue-UAS approved flight avionics, as well as an AES-256 encrypted datalink for reliable and secure communication.

S20 – Small Tactical Reconnaissance Drone

Military sUAS with zero-light capability

S20 Small Tactical Reconnaissance Drone

The S20 is a small foldable tactical UAS designed to allow the warfighter to carry out stealth and reconnaissance missions. The compact and lightweight quadcopter platform can be stored and carried in a convenient wearable pouch, and arms, propellers and antennas can be quickly and easily replaced in the field.

reconnaissance droneThe tactical scouting drone is equipped with a state-of-the-art visual autonomy system that allows it to operate in zero-light conditions and GNSS-denied environments. Able to carry up to 750 grams of payload, it is provided as standard with a high-end FLIR EO/IR gimbal payload with edge AI compatibility. The modular open architecture allows existing and future hardware and technologies to be easily integrated into the system.

N1 – Miniature Indoor Tactical Drone

micro UASThe N1 is a tactical micro-UAS designed for navigating indoor and cluttered environments. With the ability to bounce off walls and right itself if flipped upside-down, the drone incorporates replaceable 3D-printable components that allow it to be easily repaired in the field.

indoor tactical drone

The drone can be equipped with a kinetic capability that enables it to shatter closed windows and breach buildings and structures, and incorporates a first-person view camera that allows operators to easily navigate enclosed spaces and locate targets. A low-latency radio link provides increased responsiveness for close-proximity ISR.

CTRL – Wearable Tactical Controller

Rugged controller for drones & robotic vehicles

CTRL is a lightweight and compact tactical controller for military drones and robotic platforms, designed to be chest-mounted for maximum user ergonomics and maneuverability.

tactical controller

The system is ATAK (Android Team Awareness Kit)-ready and supports multiple devices of any size. It can be connected to Nett Warrior systems as a host in conjunction with an ATAK device, or as an external node. With a flexible design, it can be configured in a variety of ways to suit specific applications.

Blackwave – Tactical Data Link

Redundant link for small drones and robots

tactical radio linkBlackwave is a wireless tactical  data link for C2 (command and control) of small drones and robotic vehicles. It provides robust communications even in highly contested environments, and has undergone throughout testing by the US Army’s Joint Vulnerability Assessment Branch (JVAB).

The triple-redundant link system monitors RF environment and intelligently switches to a clean operational frequency to avoid interference. Built-in code-division multiple access (CDMA) capabilities allow multiple radios to operate seamlessly within the same area.


ISR Military Drones

Our robust military recon drone platforms provide warfighters with the ability to conduct short-term or persistent tactical ISR (intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance) missions, flying day or night in the harshest of weather.

Military Cargo Delivery

Our most powerful heavy-lift quadcopter can carry up to 30 lbs of payload, making it ideal for transporting mission-critical supplies to regions too hazardous or hard to reach for operators.

Law Enforcement

Our versatile indoor tactical drones can be used by law enforcement, SWAT and first responders for a variety of crucial tasks, including searching for suspects and providing critical surveillance and situational awareness for more effective decision-making.

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