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Cutting-Edge Visible & Thermal Imaging Camera Gimbal Payloads for Mission-Critical Applications

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Cutting-Edge Visible & Thermal Imaging Camera Gimbal Payloads for Mission-Critical Applications
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Trillium Engineering is a leading developer of camera gimbal payloads specifically designed to meet the requirements of Group 1, 2 and 3 UAS (unmanned aerial systems), as well as manned aircraft and military ground vehicles. Delivering ultra-stable and high-resolution imagery, our gimbals are ideal for demanding ISR (intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance), target tracking, and weapons guidance applications.

visible and infrared imaging

Our cutting-edge visible and infrared imaging technologies have been incorporated into a variety of leading tactical drone platforms, including the Textron Systems Aerosonde in service with the U.S. Army, the Quantum-Systems Vector and the Martin UAV V-BAT. Our HD80 gimbal has also been integrated into both finalists for the U.S. Army Future Tactical Uncrewed Aircraft Systems (FTUAS) program.

State-of-the-art visible and thermal imaging for mission-critical applications

We provide a wide range of options to suit a diverse set of mission requirements, including visible, NIR, SWIR, MWIR and LWIR imaging, as well as laser target designators, rangefinders and pointers.

ISR camera gimbal payloads

Our gimbals are specifically designed to provide maximum performance in the lowest possible SWaP (size, weight and power) footprint, leaving room in the resource budget for other payloads and systems.

All Trillium gimbals feature powerful onboard video processing capabilities for immediate actionable intelligence, including high-definition object tracking, image stabilization, and H.264 or H.265 encoding. We have also integrated SightX’s real-time edge AI engine, enabling high-precision target detection, tracking and classification day or night without a human in the loop.


Low-SWaP EO or EO/IR gimbal with geopointing capabilities

Low-SWaP EO IO gimbalThe HD25 is a lightweight and compact camera gimbal delivering 720p HD digital H.264-compliant video output with a 3x optical zoom visible camera and optional fixed focal length uncooled LWIR camera. With an onboard GPS-aided INS, the gimbal provides powerful real-time geopointing and geolocation capabilities for high-accuracy target tracking.

More information: HD25 Low-SWaP EO or EO/IR gimbal


Drone camera gimbal with powerful zoom and integrated laser pointer

Drone camera gimbalThe HD40 is an advanced gimbal available as a 30x optical zoom EO-only configuration, or an EO/IR system with 10x optical zoom visible camera and a fixed focal length uncooled LWIR camera. An optional 850 nm night vision-compatible laser pointer can also be provided.

More information: HD40 Drone camera gimbal


Durable low-SWaP gimbal with optical zoom-capable EO and IR cameras

lightweight EO/IR gimbal The HD45 is a robust and lightweight EO/IR gimbal available with a 5x optical zoom uncooled LWIR camera and either 5x or 10x optical zoom visible camera, as well as an 850 nm night vision-compatible laser pointer. The onboard IMU can be upgraded to deliver 1-degree accuracy for best-in-class geolocation and geopointing.

More information: HD45 Durable lightweight EO/IR gimbal 


High-performance stabilized gimbal with advanced GPS-aided inertial navigation

High-performance stabilized gimbalThe HD55 is a state-of-the-art gimbal providing EO/IR or dual EO camera functionality and an 850nm laser pointer for precise and discreet pointing. The advanced built-in GPS-aided INS delivers accuracy of down to 0.5 degrees, enabling the best possible real-time geopointing and geolocation capabilities. Video output is compliant with both H.264 and H.265 compression.

More information: HD55 High-performance stabilized gimbal


Large-format gimbal with LWIR and MWIR thermal imaging options

HD80 powerful UAV gimbalThe HD80 is a powerful UAV gimbal with best-in-class stability and an array of EO, MWIR or LWIR configuration options as well as a laser pointer and laser designator. Featuring cutting-edge embedded video processing capabilities such as scene and target tracking, it enables high-accuracy real-time location of both static and dynamic targets.

More information: HD80 powerful UAV gimbal


AI-powered wide-area maritime surveillance gimbal for manned & unmanned aircraft

AI-powered wide area maritime surveillance gimbalThe HD80-AIM is designed to search vast areas of ocean efficiently and autonomously, massively reducing operator burden. It utilizes visible, NIR and MWIR imaging in combination with powerful AI processing to ensure accurate target identification under any lighting and sea state conditions.

More information: HD80-AIM AI-powered wide-area maritime surveillance gimbal


Advanced tactical EO/IR gimbal payload purpose-built for US Army

HD95 Tactical EO/IR gimbal payloadThe HD95 is a low-SWaP EO/IR gimbal specifically designed for the US Army’s Future Vertical Lift UAS program. Delivering unparalleled aerial reconnaissance and imaging capabilities, the gimbal features a global shutter EO camera and MWIR and SWIR thermal cameras, as well as a laser pointer, laser rangefinder, and STANAG 3733-compliant laser target designator.

More information: HD95 Tactical EO/IR gimbal payload


tactical isrTactical ISR
Our low-SWaP visible infrared imaging systems can be installed on a variety of manned and unmanned aircraft, providing airborne ISR (intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance) capabilities and mission-critical situational awareness, and can also be used to designate and track targets of interest.

air launched and loitering munitionsLoitering Munitions
Trillium gimbals are ideal for providing loitering munitions and air-launched effects with the precision identification, tracking and guidance required to engage moving targets successfully after deployment.

Maritime Surveillance systemsMaritime Surveillance
Engineered to withstand the harshest conditions at sea, our gimbals provide wide-area surveillance capabilities with unparalleled stability and precision for a variety of naval and maritime applications such as vessel identification, search and rescue, and fleet protection.

Ground vehicle imaging systemsGround Vehicles & Systems
Our imaging systems can be installed on armored vehicles, UGVs and counter-UAS systems, providing long-range visibility for surveillance as well as early warning against potential threats.

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