Cutting-Edge Visible & Thermal Imaging Camera Gimbal Payloads for Mission-Critical Applications
HD25 Low-SWaP EO or EO/IR gimbal with geopointing capabilities

Low-SWaP EO or EO/IR gimbal with geopointing capabilities

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The HD25 is Trillium's smallest and lightest camera gimbal, housed in a machined magnesium enclosure with robust environmental sealing. Delivering 720p HD digital H.264-compliant video output, it incorporates a 3x optical zoom visible camera and provides the option for a fixed focal length uncooled LWIR camera.

The onboard GPS-aided INS is co-located with the cameras and allows the gimbal to provide real-time geopointing and geolocation for high-accuracy target tracking. Advanced embedded video processing features include scene tracking and target tracking. The gimbal can be controlled via Ethernet or serial, and video can be output via Ethernet or analog interface.

Dimensions (D x H) 2.8 x 4.3” 2.8 x 4.3”
Weight 340g 360g
Power Consumption 15W average, 75W peak 15W average, 75W peak
Cameras 720p Rolling Shutter Visible 720p Rolling Shutter Visible
LWIR 640 with 18mm lens
FOV Visible: 13.7° – 4.6° Visible: 13.7° – 4.6°
Thermal: 24.1°
Export BIS-controlled BIS-controlled