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Trillium Engineering’s HD55 Series Gimbal to be Onboard Stalker VXE30

Lockheed Martin Skunk Works® has selected Trillium Engineering’s HD55-LV-CZ and HD55-LV-CZ-LP gimbals to be onboard the Stalker VXE30 small uncrewed aerial system By Sarah Simpson / 31 May 2023
Trillium Engineering’s HD55 Series Gimbal to be Onboard Stalker VXE30
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Lockheed Martin Skunk Works®, who recently won the 10-year TIQUILA contract with the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defence, has selected Trillium Engineering’s HD55 Series gimbal to be onboard the Stalker VXE30.

Under the TIQUILA contract, Skunk Works will provide the British Army with 250 small UAS worth £129 million. Both Stalker VXE30 and Indago 4 will be delivered under the agreement, both of which will provide the British Army with uncrewed intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) services with advanced targeting, and automated target and threat recognition, enabled by artificial Intelligence technology.

The Stalker VXE30 will carry Trillium’s HD55-LV-CZ and HD55-LV-CZ-LP. These payloads deliver cutting-edge imaging to locate and identify potential targets at multiple ranges across a variety of environments. The HD55 is designed with unprecedented low weight, superior imaging, and best-in-class geolocation capability. Gimbal features include:

  • Embedded video processing with electronic stabilization and scene tracking
  • Onboard GPS/INS with real-time vehicle and target location
  • Day/night operations through visible and thermal cameras

“We are honored to be chosen by Skunk Works who brings more than 60 years of UAS expertise to the UK armed Forces,” said Mark Mirelez, CEO of Trillium Engineering. “Having our gimbals be selected to be part of their next generation solutions is beyond exciting.”

TIQUILA is a program with a collection of suppliers including Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) with an objective to deliver small uncrewed air system capability. Intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition, and reconnaissance (ISTAR) capabilities are also required to fulfill the roles in man-packable and portable loads to support field operations. The project is designed to leverage competitive advantage across SMEs to ensure the UK Armed Forces are equipped with industry-leading technology.

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