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Gimbaled Camera System for Tactical UAS Presented at AUSA 2022

Trillium Engineering’s HD95-MVS-LD purpose-built gimbal was unveiled in Textron Systems' booth, onboard its Aerosonde UAS for the US Army's Future Tactical UAS Mission program By DA Staff / 12 Oct 2022
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Trillium Engineering HD95

Trillium Engineering, a designer and manufacturer of gimbaled cameras for Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) performing Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) missions, has launched its newest camera innovation—the HD95-MVS-LD. 

The purpose-built gimbal was unveiled at AUSA 2022 in Textron Systems’ booth, onboard its Aerosonde UAS for the US Army’s Future Tactical UAS Mission (FTUAS) program.

Designed and built for FTUAS, the HD95-MVS-LD features a 0.9 FOV MWIR camera that provides the highest pixels on target for greater resolution at farther ranges—resulting in reliable, actionable imagery. It also includes a STANAG compliant laser target designator and a SWIR Laser Designator with SeeSpot capability. With a low weight, and just 10 inches in size, UAS platforms can increase their endurance without sacrificing optical performance.

“The advancements of the high-performance, low-weight HD95 increases the capabilities of today’s tactical UAVs, and in turn will save lives on the battlefield,” said Alex Podolak, vice president of program management at Trillium Engineering.

While the HD95 was designed to meet the US Army’s Future Vertical Lift requirements, Trillium believes its optimized Size, Weight and Power (SWaP) profile, advanced day and night ISR imaging, and embedded video processor make it the ideal system for any mid-sized tactical UAS—VTOL or winged.

“With the introduction of the HD95, we now have the comprehensive product line-up necessary to accommodate the varying needs of global reconnaissance missions,” said Mark Mirelez, CEO of Trillium Engineering. “Since day one, we’ve hung our hat on being nimble and quick to innovate. The HD95 is testament to our rapid development process and shows our innate ability to meet evolving program needs.”

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