Military Telehealth Platforms

Find telehealth and telemedicine platforms for use in military applications, including portable telemedicine and rugged telehealth systems used to support life saving medicine in the field
Overview Military Telehealth Platforms
By Staff Writer Last updated: October 17th, 2023

Telemedicine Systems for Defense

Telehealth, and by extension telemedicine, is a valuable tool in the provision of healthcare of for military personnel. Military telehealth systems assist in the remote diagnosis and treatment of illness and injury, either in the field, or in hard to access locations where healthcare facilities are limited.

Portable telemedicine systems can be used in emergency response situations such as combat, providing immediate guidance for medics and field personnel, assisting in trauma assessment and triage before evacuation. They can also be used for training and education purposes, enabling knowledge sharing and continuous learning.

Real-Time Consultations

Depending on the requirements of an individual or their situation, telehealth platforms allow for live audio or video links between patients and military healthcare providers for consultations. This facilitates swift medical evaluations and, as a result, effective treatments, which is particularly useful in remote or active combat areas.

Secure Communication

The majority of telemedicine platforms are developed for use in heterogeneous environments. Data transfer between the diverse range of telemedicine applications can be challenging, particularly considering the distinctly sensitive nature of military healthcare data. Reliable cybersecurity procedures, such as encrypted communication channels, are actioned to prevent data leaks of medical information and to maintain patient privacy.

Remote Monitoring and Telepharmacy

At times, military personnel can require ongoing monitoring of their condition after initial examination and treatment. Platforms for telehealth often incorporate wearable sensors to keep an eye on pulse, respiration, and other measures while transmitting the data to military medical professionals for continued assessment.

Similarly, it may be necessary to have access to medication prescribed before or during deployment in the field. A telepharmacy service can guide the administrative side of accessing this medication, as well as advise on dosage changes, potentially harmful drug interactions, and the regulated use of medications on deployment. It is important that telemedicine systems integrate with Electronic Health Records (EHR).


Telemedicine is not limited to physical health, systems can also assist in the provision of mental health services. Telepsychiatry platforms can enable access to mental health professionals for service members dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, anxiety, and other psychological issues.