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MKS Announces Innovative Ophir Folded Optics Design

The innovative FoldIR 30-450mm f/3.4 continuous zoom lens ensures exceptional performance even in challenging environments, offering a lightweight, compact design while maintaining long optical lengths and improved tolerance sensitivity By Sarah Simpson / 14 Sep 2023
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Ophir Optronics, an MKS brand, has announced the Ophir® FoldIR 30-450mm f/3.4 continuous zoom lens, a long-range, compact folded optics IR zoom lens for gimbal systems and ISR payloads.

MKS Ophir® Announces Innovative Folded Optics Design

The new lens features an innovative folded design that significantly shrinks the lens size and reduces the overall volume of the integrated system in which it is used. The folded optics design allows for maximum volume use in aerial gimbal systems designed for MWIR 10µm SXGA sensors.

The FoldIR 30-450mm f/3.4 lens is an ideal choice for advanced military UAS imaging systems, producing crisp, clear images even in challenging of conditions.

Infrared imaging applications are evolving rapidly, presenting demanding requirements for reduced Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP),” said Dr. Kobi Lasri, General Manager, Ophir Optics Group.

The new continuous zoom MWIR zoom lens is another exciting demonstration of MKS Ophir’s leadership in infrared zoom lenses for demanding, long-range surveillance, reduced SWaP applications. Our innovative folded optics technology paves the way for compact gimbals and payloads with extended detection ranges and unparalleled image quality.

The FoldIR 30-450mm f/3.4 lens incorporates a disruptive opto-mechanical design that maximizes the use of space and delivers exceptional performance, even in challenging environments. This effectively addresses such concerns as line-of-sight (LOS) stabilization and athermalization.

The unique f/3.4 aperture guarantees image performance and efficient collection of IR signal, surpassing larger aperture continuous zoom lenses. A built-in mechanical shutter and seamless integration with Ophir’s specialized control system enable precise Non-Uniformity Correction (NUC) control, resulting in optimized performance.

The FoldIR 30-450mm f/3.4 lens provides a rich combination of features:

  • Weight of less than 2kg,
  • Long-range detection capability of over 20km,
  • Sharp image across the entire field-of-view with continuous zoom capabilities,
  • Compatibility with SXGA/HD 10µm cold MWIR detectors

This compact, lightweight, high-performance, long-range lens is ideal for optical gimbals and ISR payloads in air-land-sea military applications.

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