Cellphone & Wi-Fi Detection and Surveillance Solutions for Military, Security & Public Safety Applications

Cellphone Detection & Surveillance Solutions for Military Applications

Revector's technologies are used by defense and government agencies to support a wide range of missions in highly demanding environments and hard-to-reach areas By Joseph Macey / 12 Jun 2024
Wi-Fi Detection & Surveillance Solutions for Military Applications
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Revector develops cellphone and Wi-Fi detection and surveillance solutions for military, security and public safety applications.

We’ve just launched the company’s Defense Advancement supplier profile, which has been written and built by our team in collaboration with Revector.

The profile showcases the company’s technologies, used in sectors such as military and counter-terrorism, border control, search and rescue, and port and infrastructure security. 

Read on to see a selection of Revector’s products:

Revector Detector 

The company’s Revector Detector systems efficiently find and track cellular and mobile targets by detecting and identifying IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity) numbers, which are unique to each device. Using state-of-the-art SDR (software defined radio) technology, they detect all broadcasting IMSIs within range and utilize a sophisticated directional finder to pinpoint the location to within a few metres.

All Revector Detector solutions feature rugged housings machined from premium-grade aluminium, ensuring robust and reliable performance even under harsh battlefield and tactical conditions. Proprietary dynamic harmonic multi-filters are installed that enhance SDR performance, reducing any unnecessary interference and noise. As a result, the lower-wattage devices outperform other solutions with higher power levels.

IMSI Locator UAV Payload

The Revector Detector IMSI Catcher UAV Payload is a low-SWaP active module that can be integrated into a wide variety of drone platforms. The dual-SDR unit provides detection, tracking and control of 2G, 3G and 4G cellular devices, extracting and recording all IMSI, IMEI and TSMI data from targets in range.

IMSI Locator RPS Module

The Revector Detector RPS Module is an add-on to the UAV Payload, designed for use with DJI drones and allowing the payload to operate completely independently of the UAV with its own power and data connection. It is ideal for quick tactical deployment situations or for UAVs with highly limited power budgets.

To find out more about Revector and their cellphone and wi-fi detection and surveillance solutions for military and security applications, please visit their profile page: https://www.defenseadvancement.com/company/revector/

To learn more, contact Revector: Visit Website Send Message View Supplier Profile
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