Cellphone & Wi-Fi Detection and Surveillance Solutions for Military, Security & Public Safety Applications

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Cellphone & Wi-Fi Detection and Surveillance Solutions for Military, Security & Public Safety Applications
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Revector is a leading developer of cellphone and Wi-Fi detection and surveillance solutions for military, security and public safety applications.

Our proven IMSI number tracking technology has been deployed in more than 100 countries worldwide and is used by defense and government agencies to support a wide range of missions in highly demanding environments and hard-to-reach areas, making the difference when time is of the essence.

revector ismi catcher

Revector Detector

High-accuracy mobile communications surveillance and detection

imsi detectorOur Revector Detector systems efficiently find and track cellular and mobile targets by detecting and identifying IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity) numbers, which are unique to each device. Using state-of-the-art SDR (software defined radio) technology, they detect all broadcasting IMSIs within range and utilize a sophisticated directional finder to pinpoint the location to within a few metres.

Wi-Fi can also be detected by picking up the digital traces left by mobile devices searching for and connecting to new networks. This information can then be used to identify suspicious patterns and activity that may lead to the location of criminals, terrorists and other targets of interest.

mobile communications surveillance and detection

All Revector Detector solutions feature rugged housings machined from premium-grade aluminium, ensuring robust and reliable performance even under harsh battlefield and tactical conditions. We also install proprietary dynamic harmonic multi-filters that enhance SDR performance, reducing any unnecessary interference and noise. As a result, our lower-wattage devices outperform other solutions with higher power levels.

Our versatile Revector Detector technology has been incorporated into a number of different form factors, providing a range of options for comprehensive tactical coverage.

IMSI Locator UAV Payload

Our Revector Detector IMSI Catcher UAV Payload is a low-SWaP active module that can be integrated into a wide variety of drone platforms. The dual-SDR unit provides detection, tracking and control of 2G, 3G and 4G cellular devices, extracting and recording all IMSI, IMEI and TSMI data from targets in range.

UAV IMSI Locator PayloadThe payload operates by establishing a new mobile phone cell site, encouraging all GSM, UTMS and LTE devices in the area to connect. Once a target is connected, an accurate location is established and a range of highly useful functions becomes available, including:

  • Forcing 4G devices down to 2G/3G
  • SMS sending & call making
  • Outbound call & SMS monitoring
  • GPS location extraction
  • Target battery draining
  • Selective jamming (Denial of Service)

IMSI Locator RPS Module

IMSI Locator UAV Payload RPS ModuleThe Revector Detector RPS Module is an add-on to the UAV Payload, designed for use with DJI drones and allowing the payload to operate completely independently of the UAV with its own power and data connection. It is ideal for quick tactical deployment situations or for UAVs with highly limited power budgets.

The RPS Module features a 2.4GHz radio from leading developer Microhard, providing a robust datalink between the ground control station and the Revector Detector UAV Payload. Weighing just 0.5 kg, it provides over 3 hours of operation on a single charge.

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Use Cases

cellular surveillance and jamming

Military & Counter-Terrorism
Revector Detector systems can be used to locate and track cellular devices used by terrorists, criminals, and enemy forces, and to support operations such as surveillance, jamming and raids.

IMSI tracker payloads for border security

Border Control
Mounted to vehicles or UAVs, our IMSI tracker payloads are ideal for monitoring long stretches of land and maritime borders, and can be used to combat piracy, smuggling, and movement of criminals.

cellphone detection for search and rescue

Search & Rescue
Military and civilian SAR teams can use our mobile phone tracking technology to locate and establish contact with victims and missing persons, ensuring the best possible outcome during time-critical scenarios.

cell phone tracking technology

Disaster Management
Our technology is ideal for supporting emergency operations in disaster areas, providing an essential capability for quickly locating and rescuing survivors. It also allows adhoc GSM networks to be established, providing connectivity and communications in situations with poor or damaged infrastructure.

IMSI catching devices for infrastructure security

Port & Infrastructure Security
Our IMSI catching devices can be used to protect and prevent threats to ports, airports, critical facilities and government buildings, allowing authorities to quickly gather intelligence and prevent criminal activity.

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