State-of-the-Art Fully Autonomous UAVs for Military & Defense Applications

Autonomous UAVs for Military Applications

Defense Advancement showcases ISS Aerospace's range of autonomous unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) designed to serve a variety of defense and military applications By Joseph Macey / 10 May 2024
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ISS Aerospace develops state-of-the-art fully autonomous unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) designed to serve a wide variety of military and defense applications.

We’ve just launched the company’s Defense Advancement supplier profile, which has been written and built by our team in collaboration with ISS Aerospace.

The profile showcases the company’s advanced electric and hydrogen-powered drones that provide operators and decision-makers with wide-area actionable intelligence, and have been deployed around the world in a range of highly challenging environments.

Read on to find out about a selection of ISS Aerospace’s solutions:

Bespoke UAS Design and Manufacturing

ISS Aerospace provides bespoke design, rapid prototyping and manufacturing services. The company can develop high-quality military-grade solutions to meet specific requirements, including payloads and add-ons for our Sensus aircraft as well as bespoke UAS.

Custom Payload Integration

The company are UAV payload integration experts, and its modular drones are capable of carrying a diverse range of payloads and equipment.

Sensus M

The Sensus M is a versatile quadcopter drone platform that can be equipped to undertake a wide variety of tasks, including logistics, surveying and ISR.

It can carry a broad range of different payloads and sensors, and features a modular design that allows payload and battery configurations to be interchanged between the top and bottom payload rails without interfering with power and data feeds.

Sensus L

The Sensus L is a rugged heavy-lift UAV featuring a modular design and a unique universal payload interface. Able to carry three large sensors up to a total weight of 25kg, it is ideal for complex data-gathering and surveillance missions requiring real-time data fusion and delivery.

Sensus M4E-FW 35

The Sensus M4E-FW 35 is a long-range hybrid VTOL fixed-wing UAS that can fly for up to 2.5 hours with a 3kg payload, making it ideal for extended-endurance and wide-area ISR missions that can provide critical actionable intelligence for enhanced decision-making.


WASP is a man-portable UAV that can be launched manually or automatically from a tube in less than three seconds, providing a cost-effective rapid deployment capability for armed forces personnel. The system is completely reusable and can be stored ready for use for periods of many years.

To find out more about ISS Aerospace’s fully autonomous UAVs, please visit the company’s profile page:

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