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Sensus M VTOL multirotor drone with versatile payload capabilities
Sensus M

VTOL multirotor drone with versatile payload capabilities

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Sensus M

The Sensus M is a versatile quadcopter drone platform that can be equipped to undertake a wide variety of critical military and defense missions, including logistics, surveying and ISR. It can carry a broad range of different payloads and sensors, and features a modular design that allows payload and battery configurations to be interchanged between the top and bottom payload rails without interfering with power and data feeds. With 12 independent access hatches it can be tailored for almost any combination of avionics, sensors and components.

The hull of the robust VTOL UAS is comprised of 3D-printed nylon with chopped carbon fibre strands, and utilizes aerospace- and marine-grade fixings. The Sensus M is available in standard or coaxial variants, and can be powered by either traditional Li-Po batteries, or an 800W hydrogen fuel cell system from Intelligent Energy.


Dimensions 730 x 730 x 400mm
MTOW 23 kg
Max Payload 11 kg
Flight Duration Up to 90 mins
Max Altitude 3500 m (11,400 ft)
Max Range 40 km
Max Speed 25 m/s