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State-of-the-Art Fully Autonomous UAVs for Military & Defense Applications

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State-of-the-Art Fully Autonomous UAVs for Military & Defense Applications
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ISS Aerospace is a specialist developer of state-of-the-art fully autonomous UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) designed to serve a wide variety of military and defense applications. Our advanced electric and hydrogen-powered drones provide operators and decision-makers with wide-area actionable intelligence, and have been deployed around the world in a range of highly challenging environments.

We strive to remain at the forefront of the UAV industry, and collaborate closely with leading academic institutions, research organisations and industry partners to develop new cutting-edge technologies that allow the warfighter to gain and keep the tactical advantage.

Our solutions have been trusted by clients including the UK Ministry of Defence and Dstl, BAE Systems, and Airbus Defence & Space.

Bespoke UAS design & manufacturing

custom drone manufactingIn addition to our standard commercial off-the-shelf UAS solutions, we also provide bespoke design, rapid prototyping and manufacturing services, making us an ideal partner for defense R&D clients looking to solve unique challenges with a custom drone platform. We can develop high-quality military-grade solutions to meet your specific requirements, including payloads and add-ons for our Sensus aircraft as well as bespoke UAS.

In order to ensure maximum quality, we perform a wide range of product lifecycle operations in-house, including testing, integration, end-to-end assembly, and manufacture of all structural components.

Custom payload integration

We are UAV payload integration experts, and our modular drones are capable of carrying a diverse range of payloads and equipment.

uav payload integrationOur versatile platforms can be equipped to suit your unique mission requirements, with capabilities including:

  • LiDAR scanners for surveying and modelling
  • Ground-penetrating radar (GPR) for subterranean measurements
  • Imaging sensors for mapping and aerial intelligence
  • Radiation and chemical detectors for disaster zones
  • Infrared thermal imagers for night-time ISR (intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance)

Sensus M

VTOL multirotor drone with versatile payload capabilities

Sensus-M multirotor drone

The Sensus M is a versatile quadcopter drone platform that can be equipped to undertake a wide variety of tasks, including logistics, surveying and ISR. It can carry a broad range of different payloads and sensors, and features a modular design that allows payload and battery configurations to be interchanged between the top and bottom payload rails without interfering with power and data feeds.

The hull of the robust VTOL UAS is comprised of 3D-printed nylon with chopped carbon fibre strands, and utilizes aerospace- and marine-grade fixings. The Sensus M is available in standard or coaxial variants, and can be powered by either traditional Li-Po batteries, or an 800W hydrogen fuel cell system from Intelligent Energy.

More informtion: Sensus M quadcopter drone

Sensus L

Modular heavy-lift multirotor drone with 25 kg capacity

Sensus-L heavy-lift drone

The Sensus L is a rugged heavy-lift UAV featuring a modular design and a unique universal payload interface. Able to carry three large sensors up to a total weight of 25kg, it is ideal for complex data-gathering and surveillance missions requiring real-time data fusion and delivery.

The aircraft features a 3D-printed carbon fibre-reinforced nylon hull that has been designed and manufactured completely in-house, with aerospace- and marine-grade fixings. The platform can be powered by either traditional Li-Po batteries, or a 2400W hydrogen fuel cell system from Intelligent Energy.

More information: Sensus L heavy-lift UAV

Sensus M4E-FW 35

Long-endurance hybrid VTOL UAV for wide-area surveillance

fixed wing vtol uav

The Sensus M4E-FW 35 is a long-range hybrid VTOL fixed-wing UAS that can fly for up to 2.5 hours with a 3kg payload, making it ideal for extended-endurance and wide-area ISR missions that can provide critical actionable intelligence for enhanced decision-making.

The advanced drone platform features a proven avionics backbone and an open system architecture, with full IP-based networking capabilities connecting to aircraft, payload and GCS. Users can develop custom applications for the onboard computing hardware, and a range of CPU and GPU options are available to suit different real-time data analysis requirements.

More information: Sensus M4E-FW 35 hybrid VTOL fixed-wing UAV


Tube-launched UAV for tactical missions requiring rapid deployment

WASPWASP tube-launched UAV is a man-portable UAV that can be launched manually or automatically from a tube in less than three seconds, providing a cost-effective rapid deployment capability for armed forces personnel. The system is completely reusable and can be stored ready for use for periods of many years.

The versatile capability is equipped with a high-performance EO/IR camera gimbal with integrated rangefinder, as well as a modular payload system that can accept up to 1.5kg. With resilient communications and swarming capabilities, WASP is ideal for rapid ISR and urgent deliveries, and also as a loitering munitions platform for counter-UAS or force protection.

More information: WASP tube-launched UAV


ISR drones

With the ability to carry multiple sensor types simultaneously, our drones are ideal for complex intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance missions. We have worked closely with the United Kingdom MOD to develop these capabilities for autonomous BVLOS platforms.

Battlefield Logistics

Thanks to their enhanced endurance and payload capacities, our rapidly-deployable Sensus drones are ideal for time-critical deliveries, providing warfighters with an essential resupply capability.


Our UAV platforms are ideal for aerial detection of explosive ordnance and other hazards, allowing personnel to carry out safe route clearance remotely without being put in harm’s way. 

Tactical Survey

Equipped with advanced photogrammetry and laser scanning payloads, our drone platforms can carry out efficient wide-area scanning and surveying to characterize unfamiliar environments where intelligence is limited or non-existent.

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