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Adapting Tactical Fire-Control for Indirect Fire Weapons in Live Training

Inertial Labs has a long history of supporting live training scenarios for the US Army By DA Staff / 09 Jun 2022
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In this white paper, Inertial Labs takes an in-depth look at the creation and development of its Optically Enhanced, Weapons Orientation Module (OptoWOM)-deviant, the Weaponized Universal Lightweight Fire Control (WULF) system, developed for the US Army. 

Download the full white paper here>

The white paper includes details about:

  • Continued developments and algorithmic metamorphosis of the system
  • The adaption of WULF, originally developed for the tactical fire control community, into a training device for the live training community
  • Future adaptations for a similar system that could be gun mounted on small arms

Read the full white paper> 

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