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Fundamental Principles & Applications of MEMS Sensors

Inertial Labs' latest article on Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) explores how this technology is revolutionizing the world of sensors Feature Article by Inertial Labs
MEMS Technology: The Backbone of Modern-Day Sensors
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Inertial Labs explores the fundamental principles behind MEMS sensors, their mechanisms of operation, diverse applications across industries, and their integration into advanced technology systems within aerospace and defense. Read more > > 

MEMS sensors represent a fusion of electronics and mechanics on a microscale, facilitating precise measurements and driving innovations across industries. The components within these devices operate through transduction, converting physical parameters into electrical signals through the dynamic interaction of microscopic mechanical structures and electronic components. All Inertial Labs IMUs (Inertial Measurement Units) consist of robust MEMS-based accelerometers and gyroscopes. 

MEMS sensors continue to impact technology profoundly, offering compactness, intelligence, and interconnectedness to devices across industries. As we stand poised at the threshold of a technological revolution, one certainty stands tall – MEMS sensors will continue to pioneer how we perceive, engage, and navigate the world around us. 

Inertial Labs is making significant advances in using MEMS sensors across various applications, emphasizing their innovation in this technology. One of their innovations includes the development of high-precision three-axis accelerometers, which are pivotal in enhancing performance and reliability in applications ranging from autonomous vehicles to marine and subsea systems. These accelerometers are designed to deliver critical data for navigation and control, ensuring high precision in challenging environments​.

In the full article, Inertial Labs goes on to discuss: 

  • Challenges faced by MEMS accelerometers and gyroscopes 
  • Calibration techniques for MEMS sensors
  • Applications for MEMS sensors

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