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Enhancing Critical Infrastructure Security with Radar

Historically, facilities such as airports and ports and nuclear sites only needed to be concerned with tracking potential terrestrial adversaries, but as drones become more accessible, threats to these facilities have taken to the skies Feature Article by Echodyne
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Enhancing Critical Infrastructure Security with Radar

Echodyne discusses enhancing security with radar at critical infrastructure, including airports and ports, electric generation and transmission plants, and nuclear sites, as they face a variety of adversarial threats. Read more > >

Historically, these facilities only needed to be concerned with tracking potential terrestrial adversaries. However, as drones are becoming more accessible and more common, threats to these facilities have taken to the skies.

Drones are interrupting airport operations, with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) now receiving more than 100 reports per month of uncrewed aircraft system (UAS) sightings. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and FBI are also seeing more incidents of drones attempting to damage electric generation and water/wastewater treatment facilities or posing cybersecurity threats to corporations or large data centers. While traditional critical infrastructure security systems consisting of devices such as cameras and thermal sensors, and maybe an RF sensor or human guard, have provided adequate critical infrastructure security in the past, these systems are not sufficient for detecting new aerial threats.

Facilities now need critical infrastructure security solutions that provide enhanced perimeter security coverage both of the air and at greater distances on the ground. This requires a layered solution that includes enhanced commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) three-dimensional radar for simultaneous ground and air surveillance, or focused detection in the highest-risk threat vector. High-performance radar provides the most accurate threat detection data, boosting performance of other sensors in the security stack.

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The article also covers:

  • Why critical infrastructure security systems need radar
  • The benefits of adding radar to critical infrastructure security solutions
  • Why MESA radar is the optimal option for critical infrastructure protection

In summary, radar is a critical sensor for modern security teams seeking to protect, defend, and optimize their efforts in a changing threat landscape. Radar generates precise geolocated tracking data to accurately and reliably detect, classify, and track multiple threats at once. MESA radar builds on this with the ability to detect all ground and air threats accurately and simultaneously from the same panel. Plus, radar enhances other sensors within the layered solution.

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