Radar Reinvented: Radars for Counter-UAS, Base & Asset Security, and Portable ISR

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Radar Reinvented: Radars for Counter-UAS, Base & Asset Security, and Portable ISR
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Echodyne is the developer of the market’s only low-SWaP (size, weight and power) electronically scanned array (ESA) radars. Thanks to our proprietary metamaterials ESA (MESA®) technology, these palm-sized powerful beam-steering radars excel at providing state-of-the-art surveillance capabilities for military, defense and government applications such as counter-UAS, security, and force protection.

Privately held, the company is based in Kirkland, Washington, and is backed by Bill Gates, NEA, Madrona Venture Group, Vulcan Capital, Vanedge Capital, and Lux Capital among others.

Advanced ESA Radar Technology

Our proprietary solid-state metamaterials electronically scanned array (MESA) technology provides significant enhancements over traditional ESA radar, with unprecedented size, weight, and power reduction as well as lower costs.

ESA Radar Technology

Using standard PCB fabrication and assembly techniques, our MESA designs produce outstanding performance and reliability with reduced complexity, precisely steering radar energy from a much denser array without the need for phase shifters, moving parts, or maintenance of any kind. Echodyne’s game-changing and commercially exportable MESA radars are deployed around the world for a wide range of mission-critical applications, including base security, border control, drone detect-and-avoid (DAA), and more.

echodyne radarsThis cutting-edge hardware is backed by advanced embedded software development, with regular updates that constantly push the state of the art with performance upgrades and new features to satisfy a wide range of mission requirements. We also provide a suite of off-radar software tools that delivers crucial functionality such as data visualization, intelligent networking, and smart handoff.

Seamless Systems Integration

Counter-UAS radarEchodyne radars can be easily integrated into higher-order systems such as sensor fusion, targeting, and command and control (C2) platforms, allowing users to achieve superior situational awareness over large volumes of airspace for enhanced decision-making and safer outcomes.

Our products use industry-standard TCP/IP over Gigabit Ethernet, with multiple data output options, and we offer comprehensive integration and technical support.

More information: Advanced ESA Radar Technology


Ultra-low C-SWaP ESA radar for counter-UAS and airspace & ground surveillance

Echoguard RadarEchoGuard is a low-SWaP ESA radar that provides high-accuracy detection, tracking and classification of airspace and ground-based objects with better performance than any comparable radar. Able to detect and track small drones at distances of up to a kilometer, it excels in a variety of diverse and challenging environments, including urban, suburban, rural, maritime, and airborne, and is the radar of choice for dozens of counter-UAS system suppliers.

The compact solid-state radar features a 120° azimuth x 80° elevation field of view (FoV) and a 10Hz track update rate, and is ideal for providing high-fidelity data that can be used to cue optical sensors and C2 systems. Its ITAR-free status allows it to fulfil user and mission requirements anywhere in the world.

More information: EchoGuard low-SWaP ESA radar


Advanced cognitive 4D radar with large field of view

echoshield radarEchoShield is our most advanced and accurate radar, providing the ability to track hundreds of objects simultaneously with an industry-leading <0.5° angular accuracy in both azimuth and elevation.

The low-SWaP pulse-Doppler radar delivers high-speed data that can be used to cue optical sensors, effectors and other systems with the utmost in precision and effectiveness.

The software-defined EchoShield radar can be easily configured with a variety of Mission Sets, optimized for specific use cases:

  • Counter-UAS – optimized for shorter ranges and lower elevations where drone threats are most likely to be found and effectors are most successful
  • Dismount – for enhanced ground perimeter surveillance, capable of >8 km range on human movement and >11 km on vehicles
  • C-UAS 2 – precision airspace surveillance for larger UAVs at ranges of up to 11km
  • Coastal – enhanced surveillance of coastline perimeters
  • Airspace Management – precise UAS navigational guidance
  • On-the-Move (OTM) – for moving counter-drone sensor platforms

More information: EchoShield cognitive 4D radar

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