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EchoShield Radar Advanced cognitive 4D radar with large field of view
EchoShield Radar

Advanced cognitive 4D radar with large field of view

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EchoShield Radar

EchoShield is Echodyne's most advanced and accurate radar, based on advanced pulse-Doppler technology and providing the ability to track hundreds of objects simultaneously with an industry-leading <0.5° angular accuracy in both azimuth and elevation. The low-SWaP multi-domain and multi-mode radar delivers high-speed data that can be used to cue optical sensors, effectors and other systems with high levels of precision and effectiveness. The software-defined EchoShield radar can be easily configured with a variety of Mission Sets, optimized for specific use cases:

  • Counter-UAS - optimized for shorter ranges and lower elevations where drone threats are most likely to be found and effectors are most successful
  • Dismount - for enhanced ground perimeter surveillance, capable of >8 km range on human movement and >11 km on vehicles
  • C-UAS 2 – precision airspace surveillance for larger UAVs at ranges of up to 11km
  • Coastal – enhanced surveillance of coastline perimeters
  • Airspace Management – precise UAS navigational guidance
  • On-the-Move (OTM) – for moving counter-drone sensor platforms
Size 42.5 x 33 x 18 cm
Weight 17.8 kg
Power Consumption <250W (operating), <100W (hot standby)
Frequency Ku-band 15.4 – 16.6 GHz
Field of View 130° azimuth x 90° elevation
Track Accuracy <0.5° azimuth x <0.5° elevation
Instrumented Range 30 km (mission-defined)