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Overview Military Helmets
By Defense Advancement Last updated: February 10th, 2023

Helmets are used by infantry soldiers, special forces, SWAT teams and other military and law enforcement personnel to prevent head trauma and neck injuries. They are usually rated to give particular levels of protection against impact, shrapnel and small arms fire.

Modern Military Helmets

Modern military helmets are typically made from lightweight and tough plastics and composite materials such as Kevlar and polyethylene, and some constructions may enable positive buoyancy when the wearer is submerged in water. They will be lined with foam for added shock absorption, and will have an adjustable chin strap that allows comfortable and snug fitting to the wearer’s head.

The shape of combat helmets may be designed to allow compatibility with other headgear such as headphones and goggles. Some helmets may be equipped with cloth covers that allows them to be outfitted with specific camouflage patterns, as well as Velcro patches for the attachment of insignia and flags.

Tactical Helmets

Tactical helmets may include mount attachments and rail systems that allow a variety of accessories to be fitted. These include radios, night vision, torches, and radio headsets, and the helmet may provide laminate loops that enable cable management for these devices. Counterweights may also be able to be attached in order to restore balance after accessories have been fitted.

Ballistic helmets may include visors and mandibles (jaw coverings) that provide additional protection. Some may utilize a full-face design that allows ballistic plates to be incorporated.

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