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Collaboration to Supply IP Mesh & HF Radios for Canada

Domo Tactical Communications (DTC) is working with Abo Technologie to deliver its wireless Mesh IP technology and Codan HF radio solutions for Canadian users, providing secure and reliable tactical communications By William Mackenzie / 01 Jul 2024
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Codan company Domo Tactical Communications (DTC), a provider of wireless Mesh IP technology and Codan HF radio solutions, has designated Abo Technologie inc. as an authorized re-seller of DTC products and solutions in Canada.

Collaboration to Supply IP Mesh & HF Radios for Canada

DTC delivers global secure and reliable tactical communications solutions in the most challenging environments.

Through the strategic alliance with Abo Technologie, a Canadian tactical communications company, users in Canada will now have access to DTC’s product portfolio. This includes exclusive access to Codan’s advanced HF radio solutions.

With this dealer agreement, Abo Technologie is now authorized to re-sell DTC products to its users.  

Michael Peach, Vice President of Business Development – Americas, DTC, commented; “DTC has been at the forefront of mission-critical communication technologies for years and has led successful operations in demanding environments for countries worldwide.

“Partnering with Abo Technologie as an official re-seller guarantees customers in Canada access to the most innovative solutions available.”

Jean-Philippe Grondin, Chief Executive Officer, Abo Technologie inc, added; “Our extensive collaboration with the Canadian Armed Forces primarily focuses on sub-artic and artic operations.

“In these demanding conditions, we’ve devised strategic solutions to endure severe weather. Our partnership with DTC further empowers us to deliver cutting-edge tactical communication solutions that excel in challenging environments.”

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