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Decision Superiority: Leveraging Artificial Intelligence

Aitech has released a white paper outlining how GPU accelerated computing has evolved to support the data-driven requirements of modern day military and defense applications Feature Article by Aitech
Decision Superiority: Leveraging Artificial Intelligence
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Aitech knows that that the introduction of the latest tactics and technologies in modern war zones has been proven to have significant effects, resulting in the integration of such techniques into the U.S. military’s approach. Read more >>

These new technologies include machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), and autonomy, all of which can aid in connecting shooters and sensors, reducing the time it takes to bring effects against targets, lower the cognitive load of soldiers, and more.

Decision Superiority: Leveraging Artificial Intelligence

In the full article, Aitech looks into the novel technologies that the Joint All Domain Command and Control (JADC2) is integrating into its war fighting concept, delving into:

  • Decision Superiority
  • Shared Intelligence
  • Identifying Technological Challenges
  • AI in Current Ground Operations
  • Analyzing Risks
  • Solutions to Technical Challenges
  • Enabling AI Processing
  • And much more

Aitech believes that utilizing algorithmic warfare systems and machine learning can significantly benefit warfighters, particularly in the realm of decision superiority. The company also outlines suggestions for military systems and programs, among other drawn conclusions.

Read the full white paper, or visit the Aitech website for more information. 

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