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Dantherm Military-Grade Climate Control Solutions Selected for NSPA Project

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Dantherm has released an article that details why defense communications integrator Belss selected the company’s AC-M18 air conditioning unit and the VA-M15 and VA-M40 tent heaters as part of a project for one of the largest military camps in Europe.

Dantherm Military-Grade Climate Control Solutions Selected for NSPA Project

Working with Dantherm for more than six years, Belss have been able to provide their clients with high-end climate control solutions that meet the specific requirements, demands and certifications for military use.

Belss is a leading defense communications integrator. As a member of the Federation of Security and Defence Industries of Latvia, the company provides a range of services for complex military project roll-outs that include consultancy and project management, in addition to the design and construction of tents, buildings and engineering works.

For one of their large-scale projects, a NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA) contract, they worked with Dantherm to supply NATO-compliant military quick-set tents and hangars equipped with both heating and cooling units installed. The project was for one of the largest military camps in Europe, and is currently used for exercises by armed forces from Latvia, Lithuania, Spain, Italy and Canada among others.

This meant there would be a high and constant turnover of troops in need of reliable, easy-to-use climate control solutions throughout the year, especially in an environment when temperatures can drop to as low as -20ºC in the winter and reach in excess of 30ºC in the summer, and where sand, mud, rain and snow are inevitable.

Our solution

Meeting the NATO specifications was a prerequisite for Belss securing the contract. However, to be a worthwhile investment and make a positive impact on the personnel who would be living and working at the military camp, there are a number of other specific requirements that their climate control solutions needed to meet.

Dantherm has become a well-known name in military climate control solutions thanks to our hard-wearing, long-lasting systems.

Ease of use
To stay focused on the mission or exercise, equipment that is straightforward to operate is essential. Our experts carry out usability tests to make sure Dantherm systems are hassle-free to operate.

Minimal maintenance
Military climate control solutions need to work for the duration of an operation without the need to carry out frequent repairs.

Simple installation
By their very nature, the ability to move fast is critical in any military operation. This means lengthy installation processes can significantly hinder their progress.

Cost is becoming a more important factor in the procurement of military equipment. With Dantherm units, companies can be sure that they are making a sound investment in systems that deliver exceptional performance while generating savings in the form of reduced energy consumption.

We use robust components that have been through extensive testing and development to ensure that they can withstand the toughest conditions imaginable.

Units need to be easily transportable over rough terrain, snow and ice, or even by helicopter.

The factors above are the key pillars in the design of all of our military systems. Working with Belss to determine the most effective solution for their clients needs, we supplied the camp with three types of unit:


Compact, lightweight and built into a rigid steel frame, the AC-M18 provides air conditioning in temporary buildings or tents. Designed for outside installation with ducted supply and return air, it is the ideal system for solutions where the need for filtration is critical, such as field hospitals.

  • Compact, lightweight aluminium unit contained in a strong, rigid steel frame for the ideal blend of strength and mobility
  • Allows for four-way forklift handling and easy to strap-down on air cargo pallets, as well as being stackable
  • Dual filtration systems for the internal air path available for field hospitals where the need for effective filtration is especially high
  • Scroll compressor ensures a high level of reliability and a low level of noise generation

VA-M15 and VA-M40

Both the VA-M15 and VA-M40 units were developed in close collaboration with the armed forces of NATO countries. Based on an indirect-fired principle, they prevent fumes from combustion being introduced into an occupied space.

  • Can operate at temperatures down to -40°C
  • Create comfortable working environments
  • Reliable and virtually maintenance-free
  • Easy to transport, even over ice and snow
  • Can be set up by one person without the use of tools
  • Chosen as the NATO standard, conforming to all NATO requirements and norms

Success built on trust

A vital part of Dantherm’s role in the success of such a large-scale project is our trusted, collaborative relationship with Belss. Beginning over six years ago, our work with Belss goes beyond a traditional customer-vendor relationship – it is more akin to a partnership.

The ability to be flexible at every stage of a project is key to meeting individual requirements and is one of the things that makes the difference between a faceless supplier and a trusted advisor. To ensure that our units are prepared for the high demands and specific needs of our military clients, we combine our expertise before, during and after the deployment of our units:

  • Research and development
    All Dantherm military solutions have undergone extensive testing, both out in the field and in our state-of-the-art facilities.
  • Advising on the most appropriate solution
    Working with the end-user in mind, we ensure that our units meet their exact specifications, and regularly make site visits to confirm they are installed and operating in the most effective way possible.
  • Continued support
    For this project, we have regularly educated Belss’ technicians on the maintenance of our units, and continue to provide extra support to their end customers where required.

Dantherm has become a recognized name in military applications and for more than 35 years has supplied units for deployment across the globe.

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