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Target & Object Tracking Solutions + Video Processing & Enhancement Software for Tactical Surveillance

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SightLine Applications
Target & Object Tracking Solutions + Video Processing & Enhancement Software for Tactical Surveillance
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SightLine Applications is a leading developer of real-time video processing hardware and software solutions for military target tracking and tactical video ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance), security, and search and rescue (SAR).

Onboard Video Processing Software

Our low-SWaP (size, weight and power) tactical video processing hardware is ideal for UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) and UGVs (unmanned ground vehicles), counter-drone systems, stabilised gimbal payloads, and other advanced camera systems. Flexible software and hardware configuration allows systems integrators to create tailored solutions for precise mission requirements.

SightLine products are very effective solutions for military surveillance, search and rescue missions, counter- UAS (ground to air, air to air) and tower or ship mounted pan tilt zoom applications. With low-latency feedback and fast gimbal pointing, operators have improved situational awareness. SightLine's proven onboard real-time video processing solutions have logged over 1.5 million flight hours of ISR missions in a variety of UAS platforms.

Video Processing Software

A powerful suite of software solutions – tracking, detection, enhancement and more – that are key in a wide variety of real-time applications. We offer both software and hardware option flexibility for tailorable, powerful configurations to meet your system’s unique requirements.

Our powerful video processing software provides the underlying foundation of all our hardware solutions. The ever-growing suite of flexible software functions provides system integrators with unprecedented scope for optimizing processing systems to their specific tactical needs.

A wide range of video analysis and rendering capabilities are provided, including:

Scene and Object Tracking Software Functions

Low-latency video tracking software functionality is ideal for gimbal and pointing control systems. Scene tracking keeps the entire scene in the frame, and object tracking provides solid designated tracks for moving or static objects, with advanced image analysis and motion estimation for persistent video tracking even when the view is blocked. Track multiple objects or the scene (visual geo-pointing).

Multiple Detection Modes
Detection algorithms provide important situational awareness and aid in tracker initialization. Detection modes: vehicle, staring, radiometric, anomaly, blob, aerial, drone and maritime. Specialized detection modes for enhanced situational awareness can handle large numbers of very small (as small as 2x2 pixels) and fast-moving targets. Colour-based detection picks out objects that are different to the scene background, and radiometric detection finds objects within a desired thermal range.

Custom AI Classifier
An AI-powered classifier function recognises humans, vehicles, and drones (UAVs). Customer-defined classifier runs in real-time to assess any detection or track against training classes. Customer maintains proprietary training sets. SightLine provides training tools and support.

Video Stabilization Software Functions
Video stabilization removes high-frequency noise and frame-to-frame jitter, and corrects platform roll motion and vibration for cameras mounted on ground vehicles, manned and unmanned aircraft, and marine vessels.

Precision Landing Assistance
SightLine's precision landing feature provides position, range, and angle data for high-accuracy UAV landing, and automatically finds and tracks landing patterns. The software functions independently of GPS, enabling accurate landing in GNSS-denied environments.

Video Encoding and KLV Metadata
Available Ethernet video encoding outputs for reducing system bandwidth include MPEG2 TS, MPEG4 and RTP M-JPEG. KLV metadata is generated in accordance with MISB standards 0102.10, 0601.7, 0603.2, 0604.3, and 0903.3.

Telemetry Data
Low-latency track location data is provided for accurate gimbal pointing, as well as temperature data from radiometric cameras and focus telemetry for autofocus implementations.

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Video Processing Hardware

Embedded video processors at the source for airborne and tactical video surveillance

Our compact and lightweight embedded video processing boards deliver advanced capabilities for tactical ISR platforms such as small UAS. Single- and multiple-channel options are available, with streaming capabilities up to 1080p and 4k.

HD Video Input & Output

Our hardware products support HD camera inputs and outputs and video processing, with options including 4K, 1080p/30 and 720p/30. A variety of HD camera adaptors are available, including HDSDI, HDMI, CL and LVDS.

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