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Embedded Video Processing & Enhancement Solutions for Tactical Surveillance

Defense Advancement showcases Sightline Applications' video processing solutions for military target tracking and tactical video Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance, security, and search & rescue By DA Staff / 30 Aug 2022
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Sightline Applications, a developer of real-time video processing hardware and software solutions for military target tracking and tactical video Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance (ISR), security, and search & rescue, has partnered with Defense Advancement to demonstrate its expertise in this field. 

The company’s ‘Gold’ profile showcases how its low-Size, Weight and Power (SWaP) tactical video processing hardware can be used for military surveillance, search and rescue missions, counter-Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), and tower or ship mounted pan tilt zoom applications.

1500-OEM Embedded Video Processing Board

SightLine’s 1500-OEM Embedded Video Processing Board is the company’s smallest and lightest embedded video board, providing a single processing channel and multiple outputs, with processing and streaming to 720p25.

This processor has multiple video inputs for single channel processing and multiple video outputs for single-stream H.264 IP video, analog. Learn more>

3000-OEM Embedded Video Processing Board

The high-performance 3000-OEM Embedded Video Processing Board is designed for airborne and ground-based tactical ISR applications with HD video requirements. 

Providing multiple inputs with dual-channel processing, and multiple outputs with dual streaming H.264 IP video, analog, HDMI and HDSDI, the video processing system delivers high-definition streaming at up to 1080p/30. Learn more> 

4000-OEM Embedded Video Processing Board

The 4000-OEM Embedded Video Processing Board is SightLine’s most powerful video processing solution, delivering Full HD performance and 4K encoding in a low-SWaP package.

The 4000-OEM’s multiple digital video inputs include: parallel digital compatibility with any 3000-OEM input adapter board, MIPI, and USB-3. Learn more>

To find out more about Sightline Applications, please visit the company’s profile page: https://www.defenseadvancement.com/company/sightline-applications/ 

To learn more, contact SightLine Applications: Visit Website Send Message View Supplier Profile
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